Aloe Vera Plant a Unique Gift of Nature

Aloe Vera Plant does not require any sort of preface as this is a highly popular herb that has a great medicinal value. We find this plant generally in the tropical and sub-tropical regions mostly in Africa. Among two hundred fifty species, the most common species of Aloe Vera is aloe barbadensis. Aloe Vera has short stem and its length varies from sixty to hundred centimeters. Its leaves are generally thick, fleshy and green to grey green with serrated margins and small white teeth. There are some white flecks on the lower and upper stem surfaces.

Aloe barbadensis, the species of Aloe Vera Plant, is famous for its high beneficial quality. The extract of this plant is a major ingredient in the production of various medicines and ointments for burns, rashes, cuts and in the preparation of different types of creams to give you a fresh and flawless skin. Its sap is a kind of thick and mucilaginous gel. It is a natural medicine for cholesterol, cancer, diabetes, inflammation and other health problems. It is very helpful in healing various types of wounds. You may use Aloe Vera extract as an anti bacterial and an anti fungal element.

The high amount of beneficial substances that you can obtain from the Aloe Vera plant has increased the value of this plant, which looks simple but has great potentials. This plant has a life span of twenty-five years and you can easily grow this plant in a pot, as it requires very little care for its survival. However, if you have this plant at home, you have to take care that you save it from extreme cold waves and frost and sparsely water it as this plant cannot survive if it is exposed to cold or receives excess amount of water.


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