What American Singles Needs?

Long distance relationship is often challenging to American singles since maintaining a relationship for a very long time will require patience, understanding and deep commitment to stay in that relationship. Without any of these, the relationship between two individuals will easily crumble and it might end up in a bitter note since someone might end up being unfaithful or they don’t have enough courage and patience to keep up with the relationship.  But there are ways to keep the relationship alive. There are many tools and opportunities that American singles could use to maintain the relationship with their partner even if they are hundreds or even thousands of miles away. They just have to be very creative and a little bit understanding so that the relationship would work.

Why American people become single? There are many reason can be found for being single. It can be so little or so big but the true thing is it leads you being single. The common reason why American people become single are:

·         Poor Communication: It is a big reason for people to break relationship and become a single. When anyone does not keep a good communication then often it makes a bad thinking about each other. It can be a mistake but when people in a deep relationship they cannot able to bare any silly problem of communication. But it also depends on the view and mind of people too.

·         Financial Problems: Usually American people cannot bare the financial problem. Basically everyone wants to have a luxurious life. But a moderate life also can be accepted by them. But when people become poor and when they have no money then often the relationship does not go for a long and break. So people become alone.

·         Commitment Problems: Usually people who have a narrow mind cannot stretch the mistakes of partner as they are big or silly. So they committed breaking relationship. However, if there have been several foolish mistakes then you know trouble is brewing in paradise. Additionally, if your spouse seems to have problems adjusting to the married life then there may be commitment problems.

·         Change in Priorities: This can be minor but is usually a major change. For example, when you meet you agreed that you always wanted a family as big as the Baker clan in Cheaper by the Dozen but after you get married suddenly, someone realizes that a house full of 12 kids is not the ideal household situation unless you are really wealthy and someone plans on staying home full time. This can cause the other spouse to be highly upset and disappointed. In addition, this same change of priorities could lead to a spouse being more concerned about succeeding at work rather than in your marriage. The options are almost unlimited.

·         Cheating: Someone can make a cheating to marry. Also s/he may show some thing about him what actually s/he is not; just you can say a show down. This can break the relationship. Because cheating is not supported by society as well as many of us does not support it too. So it is a great reason of being single.

·         Unmet Needs and Failed Expectations: When anyone makes a relationship, s/he has some expectations to other. When they unable to fulfill it, it may break it. It can be financial, religious, social or personal need but the main thing is Americans do not want to stay a parson who cannot meet his or expectation. So divorce become in front of them.

·         Alcohol, Drug, Internet, or Some Other Addiction: Sadly alcohol and drugs are an ever-present part of today’s society and many married people get caught up in substance abuse. So often the beginnings are seemingly harmless. A few drinks or a sampling of a drug. Once the addiction takes over, a person’s life is often in turmoil. If they are married, they are very difficult to live with. If your partner is involved in alcohol or drug abuse, professional help is often the best way. And the sooner the better. Addiction is a definite cause of divorce.

·          Abuse: Nobody deserves to be abused for any reason and his is a great reason to file for a divorce. Never stay in a relationship that is abusive for any reason. If you wish, you can always work with your spouse to help change things, but put a time limit on this. If after a specific period of time things are not better then it is a good idea to call it quits.

·         Stepfamily Malfunctions: Let’s face it we all think that if we have been married before that the second time will be better. However, if you have kids then it definitely is no guarantee. How your children and your new spouse interact can often have a determination on whether your new marriage will be successful. Additionally if you have an ex, who is determined to make life miserable your new spouse does not have to tolerate this situation. Many second divorces occur because of this reason.

·         Parenting Differences: Many times if you have children, you will notice that you and your spouse parent very differently. While most families are able to resolve these problems, there are other families that are not able to handle this problem quite so well. How this is resolved really depends upon how flexible the two parents can be. However, if you are unable to parent effectively together while you are married, do not expect this to suddenly improve after a divorce. It will usually get much worse.

·         Physical Relationship: Of course the intimate and physical side of a marriage is important and yes, problems in this area can cause stress and lead to divorce. But as people get older and, hopefully, mature, they realize that personal happiness is not centered only on love-making. Having children, being healthy and successful and growing together as a couple are just as important. Any couple experiencing difficulty with their love life can seek professional help.

Also there are many sillier or big reason also has which can be made Americans becoming single. But the thing is they are making them lonely.