Bask your Nomadic Luxury by Car Hire Spain

If you are wanderlust and love food, music and history then Spain is the right destination for your vacation. Spain is located in southwest Europe. The beauty of Spain is highlighted by Mediterranean Sea on southern and western part of it. The charming weather, beautiful roman architecture and song of soul are blended in all nooks and corner of Spain. Only way to get most of this spellbound beauty is by having your own independence of travelling. Car hire in Spain is not at all a hard job, if you are decided to enjoy the liberty of visiting your all favorite spot.  Spain is the capital of the country Spain; it is little bit expensive if you are planning to take public transport. If you like to roam every lane and try to immerse you in the country music and melodious tune of guitar then it is always good idea to hire car in Spain. If you are planning to have a vibrant memories of this vacation, then try to pack your camcorder and get ready to shoot live concert every now and then in the street.

One of the most wonderful places to visit in Spain is Alpujarras.  If you like to escape from the busy downtown, you will be going to love this mountain region in south of Granada. The tranquil country side and ranges of small mountain will definitely going to captive your mind and soul. Car hire in Spain can ease out in many of your transportation problem, especially these region of Alpujarras, is not well equipped with good public transportation. Having your own car on the door step, will help you to see each and every hamlet and take a loop around each and every mountain.

Another most visited destination in Spain is Camino de Santiago or it also called as St. James Way. It the place where one apostle St. James is been buried. This place located in Galicia and has lot of religious sentiment is attached to it. Other than being most famous tourist destinations, thousand of pligrim take a walk in every year to cover the route. Camino de Santiago can be easily reached by car within 6 hours from Madrid airport. You can reserve one full day to enjoy the historical architecture of this place by visiting the Cathedral del Apóstol, local museum, other religious monuments and architecture like Mosteiro de San Paio or Museo do Pobo Galego by your rental car. If you are great aficionado of taste then try find out local seafood restaurant with exotic sea food and also local homemade chocolate truffle.

Cadiz is another wonderful place you should keep it in your list. It is located in south west part of Spain. It takes almost six and half hour to drive from Madrid. The two nearest airport are Jerez and Seville. If you want to visit the beautiful modern architecture, garden and plaza here, it is best option to hire a car and collect few mementos for yourself and for family friends.  It is one of luxurious city surrounded by sea with all latest and mind blowing amenities.