Be Kind to Earth and Be Creative at Home

The word recycling is not only associated with paper, plastic or cans. There are some other form of recycling which we can do foe better cause, this recycling is much more colorful and attractive. There are thousands of other things present at your home which you can recycle to update your home décor. There are two distinctive advantages of recycling old junky stuff. First of all you’re saving money and also you’re getting rid of those stored items in the store room and making more space for other stuff.

  • Some stuff like old jacket given as presents to you by some adorable friends are sometimes not easy to throw. At the same time the worn out, discolored jacket are not good for use. Just cut it and make it a small cozy ethnic pillow cover for your couch. Turn your favorites grandmas’ dress shoes into absolutely unmatched candle stand. Clean it and color it add some fire proof cover in the inner way. Then add few stones to it and use it as candle holder. It is very easy to make and add extra accessories to your home decor.
  • Just use your imagination and give it a shape and creativity. Recycling old stuff or junk stuff for home decor is much fun filled activity as well. Just make another soap dispenser for your bathroom using old mason jar and put a dispense cap on top of it. Make a small wall hanging or curtain by all those old damaged CDSs. Use a part of the wall as family albums by printing some of the photo of your family members or friends and put them in the CD cover box and then mount them in the wall by glue or tape. This will give you a new definition to your wall and home décor.
  • If you like to apply different theme for your different room, just think about the idea and apply with old material. Use the big glass Mason jar to a lemonade dispenser for your summer party in the kitchen, which will give country theme to your kitchen. You can also use those old embroidered curtain as hand towel. Just cut them as small towel and make frill at the end at keep it in your kitchen to uplift the mood of country theme. Don’t throw all those colorful Christmas gift paper after opening the gift. Also engage your kids to help you with this idea. You cut the gift paper into different shape and ask your kid to glue them in chart paper and then cover them with cellophane and put this extra special wall piece for your kid’s room. They will also feel proud and at the same time became environmentally conscious about recycling.

These are few ways you can recycle the old home stuff beautifully into a great magnificent items for your home décor in a unique way. Creativity has no limitation just think about anything and just use it to make most antique décor for your home