Best Deals to Manage Bill

Best Deals to Manage Bill:- A bill at the end of the month is inevitable we usually get every month. Most of the household use different basic services, which incurred certain monthly billing amount. Sometimes we are very good to pay bill at regular basis, but once you start defaulting any bills, then you always lag behind paying this and all the cycles of the payment became disturbed. To manage monthly bills and divide your income in those at the beginning of the month is extremely helpful by not falling in ever ending debt cycle. Especially if you use credit card for paying your bills, then it will be more difficult to repay the credit card loan at the end which accrue much more interest, which is not easy to pay. It is good idea to make an approximate estimation by calculating the average of bills you are getting every month and then allocate that money on regular basis without spending them from your salary. There few basic tips you can follow.

  • Have a rough estimate that how much fix monthly income you will definitely earn just at the end of the month. If you can’t do it by head, just collect your pay stub for last few months, or check and make a rough estimation of net income after all deduction. Then make an average out of all those checks.
  • Now make you a list of total expenditure. Make a list of your monthly rent or mortgage, monthly telephone and internet bills, gasoline, insurances, credit card loans etc. Now you can spend flexible way to your grocery which is not a rigid amount you have to give away.
  • Try to keep all the record of the bills you are repaying for last 2 months. Then add them up and make an average value. This will give you the amount you have to spend on bills.
  • Now have real estimation of your income and spending ratio. If you find yourself in real good position in terms of reaming money you have for yourself, then you go forward and allocate them for other purpose. You can always spent in other stuff like entertainment, cable bill or disk antenna bills, or eating in restaurants or buying apparels or accessories or spending in other leisure activities.
  • But you find yourself in not so good state after giving away all the basic pending bills, and then you have an option to curtail all other expense. You can always cut out money from those optional flexible expenses by making some strategy like not eating out, or just watch movie directly from internet through YouTube or other online resource for free.

These are the easiest way you have control of your life by keeping you expenditure in budget.