BETRAYAL – Is your Relationship effective enough retrieve from Unfaithfulness?

Do you find your partner in a “wander” relationship with someone? Ever experienced a fall season in your relation in past years or presently or else unsure it will not be there in your relation? Dread to be ditch by the one you care so much!

What is “Affection & Affair”? Is it a secretive or illicit sexual relationship? People commonly associate affair with sex, yet actually, it is all about lies, knavery and deception. As a result everything get associated, including likewise letter, exchange of expensive gifts, romantic poems, meetings trips and sharing up of intimacy as it was imagined to be among couples only. All this, when you still believe, trust and loved your partner deep within. Affairs are very devastating, as it ruins the life of a person who believed on partners, more than they did.

The latest infidelity includes emotional affairs on internet, which buds as a stress management option and general curiosity to know someone, who has already signed in as an anonymous user. Thousands of chat rooms on sites drag in user, a for long time distraction. As an outcome of a survey, most of the affairs online are not plan or result oriented to harm feelings of a partner.

There exit a love square with four different corners, when proceed toward diagonal manner all meets at same single pint. Corners are:

  1. First corner is honesty and being loyal to your mate. Many people think they are but it is not the case sedate, this time it is a mere imagination. Check yourself on these basis:
    1. Are you afraid of the way your partner will react criticizing?
    2. Are the one who put aside your emotions for the sake of peace?
    3. Maybe concern about any conformation, as it is sweating your palm even by the thought of mentioning few words, of her reaction.
    4. Afraid of being pick apart, losing control, or appearing weak.


  1. Respect your partner, and share all your feeling in the heaven of trust. Keep your heart and mind open, and allow your partner to correlate with you. And set some “Talk Time” to listen and make him/her listen with the same patience and consideration as you did followed by a minute or so, to think and react. Give time to be in brief, meanwhile you can listen, think and respond better. Manage situation so that, a discussion does not turn into a quarrel and then fight, as then there will be no resolution. Agree on a time in and out, with assigning one to call back this discussion, is a proved formula in the case of most couples even together.

3. Transparency is the best medicine to bring back the smiling trust and dazzling honesty. Affairs are unwanted weeds nurtured by the secrecy in a rice field, which need to be removing with the help of hand held knives honesty. Once removed, though in long time needs transparency to avoid second appearance of betrayal.

4. If both partners are efficaciously practicing “Talk Time” and they may take assistance from a marriage counselor if you halt, the next step is making “The Promise”.  After you have analyzed your sentiments and anticipations regarding infidelity, you can commence to take it to the higher degree.  Conceive your response to your partner’s unfaithfulness.  Note down your stipulatory resolution of an affair and your response.  Corner 4 builds on honesty, response, trust, transparency and communication. Now, both can clearly determine an affair and know how each would feel about being betrayal.

Simply knowing what your partners expects from you and respecting it as being genuine, many couples have sort out there troubles, and chosen to move on together to the destiny. There are people, who may help in protecting a breaking relationship, but do not forget “a glass once broken can not be repaired without a scratch.” A great relationship takes time and dedication both hence it is priceless?