Black Currant Oil

Most of the people do not know about black currant oil, so if you try to obtain this oil you will find that it is not easily available. The oil contains two different types of fatty acids, which, you normally do not find in your diet but these acids are very essential for your body’s metabolic process. The main aim of producing the oil is to use it as a nutritional supplement so that you can supply your body with these two acids and help in the smooth functioning of your body. Cosmetic manufacturers also use this oil as an ingredient in their products. You will not find the oil in the market as the yield of this oil is very low and the manufacturers of cosmetic and edible products consume so maximum part of the oil. The extraction of the oil takes place from the residue left after the extraction of the juice. Although, the external and internal use of this oil provides many benefits but you should take extra care while using the oil for consumption as intake in large quantities may lead to several autoimmune disorders as well as some disorders such as hair loss and nail problems.


Black Currant oil acts as an immune system booster especially when consumed moderately. Several Human Nutrition Research centers have linked a moderate consumption of the seed oil with the general improvement of the human system capabilities as well as the retarding of ageing processes in older adults. The oil has the ability to slow down your ageing process because of its potential powers to lower the production of prostaglandin .Prostaglandin is a hormone which is produced in your body for the regulation of blood pressure and inflammation. This oil is a good substitute for Omega-3 fatty acid. According to the findings of various conducted researches, the oil reduces the serum levels of LDL cholesterol in the body when compared to the Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil. This shows that this oil can effectively be included as a supplement in your food in the place of fish oil or some other common sources of Omega-3 fatty acid.


Black Currant oil is very effective in the treatment of arthritis rheumatoid, especially when used in combination with other therapeutic treatments. According to researches conducted by many institutions related to alternative medicine, this oil has given positive sign of having the abilities to fight cancer and several forms of arthritis diseases.  If you consume the oil you will, supply your body with GLA present at a high concentration level as GLA proves effective in reducing the manufacture of prostaglandin in your body. Dietary GLA supplements have proved very effective in controlling the production of prostaglandin in the body, so researchers believe that the consumption of this oil will perform the same function. Cosmetic production is another area where this oil has gained prominence. The use of the oil has not only captured the cosmetic field but also used as a medicine as you will find the use of this oil in many ointments and lotions used for treating skin infection.  Therefore, the use of this oil has increased as a natural product in most of the countries throughout the world.

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