Black Currant what where n how ?

Most of the people are aware about the benefits of fruits and vegetables, which helps us to get all the nutrients required by the body. However, you will find that we do not pay much attention towards the small juicy berries, which we consume a lot when we are small children. Modern nutrition experts and health advisors have found out about the benefits of berries, especially the black currant, which is not only a rich source of vitamin C but also contains other nutrients that our body requires for it daily functioning but does not have the capability or means of producing it. The main areas where you can find this small plant, which bears fruit in the summer season, are the northern and central part of Europe, and in Asia.

The small plant has the capacity of producing nearly five kilograms of black currant fruits. Although, you might not have any idea about the benefits of this fruit you might have eaten this fruit in many types of cuisine including in drinks and ice creams. This clearly indicates that people from ancient times felt the beneficial implication of the berry on their body. Therefore, during World war two this berry gained importance in the UK and filled in the vacuum created by the shortage of oranges. Children all over the nation got free supply of the syrup prepared from this berry to fulfill the need of vitamin C in their body. By eating this berry, you not only supply one vitamin to your body but also provide your body with other essential nutrients.

Besides vitamin C, black currant is a rich source of vitamin B5, iron, phosphorus, and potassium. This sharp yet sweet tasting berry also contains a rare type of omega six acids, which your body requires for getting relief from depression and tension. The contents of the vitamins and minerals is so high that if you consume this berry in any form you will supply your body with more than double amount of vitamins and minerals than you can get by eating the same amount of fruits containing the same vitamins and minerals. Moreover, this berry contains antioxidants, which not only helps in the purification of your blood but also maintains the smooth flow of blood to all the vital organs in your body. Therefore, one these small sweet berries are healthier than all the fruits you eat.

If you are health conscious and want to maintain perfect weight according to your age and body built then you should develop the habit of consuming black currant daily. If you do not get fresh berries after a particular season you can use the oil, jams or jellies made from this berry as a part of your daily diet. These preparations will supply your body with the same amount of nutrition as you get by eating the fresh berries. Besides, maintaining a good health you can derive relief from vision disorders, cardiac problems, allergies, high blood pressure, and cure your habit of alcoholism. The berry has proved useful for women as it provides relief from the symptoms, which occur during menopause. Moreover, the high level of calcium content helps in strengthening the bones.

Therefore, this small round dark purple berry, acts as elixir for children as they get full supply of minerals, vitamins, and other essential nutrients that their body needs for proper growth and development.  The small simple looking plant is full of nutrients as every part of the plant contains some substance or the other, which your body requires in its daily functioning. You can use the dried leaves of this plant to prepare tea, which will provide relief from various types of ailments like diarrhea, urinary problem, bleeding gums, arthritis, and coughs.

The antibacterial effect present in this berry will help in curing your sore throat or any other type of bacterial infection from which you are suffering.  In many places, research is going on about the effect of this berry in curing cancer. Researchers believe that the presence of glucose, xylose, rhamnose, and galactose can help in curing cancer without the fear of adverse side effects that a patient has to bear in other modes of cancer treatment. Therefore, if you include this berry in your daily diet you can lead a healthy and happy life.