Breaking the Social Phobia Among your Kids

Mixing with other kids is an important leaning for their development and growth of mind. But not all kids are very much adept to mix with other kids and assert themselves or play with them or share their stuff. It’s mainly the responsibility of parents and preschool teacher to mold their mind and help them to develop such social skill in different creative ways.

Learning the manners

Few points you can teach them deliberately and as well as spontaneously like showing gratitude, feeling sorry for someone and asking something by making request. These are important skill which will help them to develop preliminary social skill and courtesy. Using all those terms like, excuse me, please, sorry, thank you can help them to interact with their friends as well as adults. Teach them to talk gently when talking with other person and also how to exchange words. These wells help them to deal with any social situations very easily.

Bond of music

Social bond can be easily instilled in the kids naturally by the help of music. Music with rich melody easily attracts kids. Try to sing together and make them learn the lyrics. When the kids are playing together try to involve them together to sing a song synchronously, look how they are enjoying them. This is a great way to learn being together and develop a feeling of socially involved. Try the most common song like Itsy bitsy spider or you are my honey bun songs and see how they enjoying, sing and laugh together. Try to make your own number song or letter song, or name of the days song by picking their favorite tune. This will not only improve their social skill but also help them to learn numbers, letter etc.

Influence with role character

Try to practice role play in house with other kids. Kids who are especially shy and introvert can easily break their barrier when they play role model.  This will help them to learn story at the same time improve their social skill of talking behaving and interacting with other kids.  For girl kids fairy tales are always attractive try play, red riding hood, Cinderella, snow-white etc. For boys pick the character like Spiderman, superman, batman or harry potter etc.

Other activities

Often just going to school does not provide enough exposure to develop their social skill. Try to engage them in some extracurricular events and activity like soft ball, swimming, dancing basketball etc. Also try to make them participate in social events like cookie decoration, science festival etc. These exposures will help them to meet with large number of people which they have never met before. This will help them to interact and definitely improve their social skills.