Breakfast is the secret of whole day energy!!

chana fry

Ever wondered what you actually do the whole day? Like you wake up, get ready and move to college or at your workstation, seems so dedicated. Is it the right way? Don’t you think you are missing something that actually may adversely affect your health? You must be churned out now that you are pretty good in filling your stomach to the throat and eat a lot and doing quite okay with everything related to your health.  But did you do breakfast every day? Yea yea, you eat in the daytime because you feel hungry during the peak of the day. Most probably you will skip your lunch if you really can escape from your hunger. Moreover, we don’t actually feel the need of breakfast nowadays. Do we? With each and every day, our body starts accepting the way we live, its start adapting with our lifestyle. It won’t make you feel dizzy when you are out without breakfast. With this process of immunity adjustment, you might feel ok for some days but the reason behind late age diseases have already started making a house in your body.

You start your day with full energy to step into your office or college at the time,  and feel awesome when accomplishing it. But during the daytime when you feel sleepy and tore down, what comes in your mind is how to stop being tired!! How to feel energetic!! You slept fine, then why are you still feeling sleepy?

How to be more awake during the day?

Well, one answer for almost all these tricky questions. A healthy lifestyle!!  This says a breakfast, lunch, and dinner should be properly done regardless of required appetite. We still manage with our lunch and dinner but skip away from our breakfast every day which actually has a great part in keeping us energetic the whole day.

Try cooking quick breakfast for yourself and feel the change. I understand it takes at least 15 minutes of your day which are quite long for our busy schedule. But just saving these 15 minutes to have breakfast will save you from a lot of troubles in the future. To help you with quick breakfast options I have here the tips which will be great to start with. Trust me you will soon be in a habit of having breakfast every day.

EGG Maggie:

egg maggie

Although Maggie is just a 2-minute process, it actually takes a little longer. You just have to chop down 1 onion and 1 tomato totally based on your taste choice. Quickly beat the egg with onions put required spices like salt, chili powder in it. Switch on the gas burners put the frying pan on one and cook maggie in another. Spread oil on the frying pan and drop the egg over it. Let it get in solid form now you can spit it and mix it. When your maggie is done spread the omelet chunks in your Maggie. Now your egg maggie is ready. Enjoy this delicious egg Maggie.


Bread Poha:

bread poha

While Rice poha is better but if you don’t have that, bread poha is a great option. Just break the bread into small-small pieces like the rice poha looks like. And the recipe is similar to Rice Poha. Ingredients in Poha such as peanuts, potato, peas will not only taste better but are actually secret of remaining fresh and energetic all day.


Chana Fry (Black Gram Fry)

chana fry

It sounds like sprouts but it tastes actually better than that. To cook Chana fry just cut one onion and tomato, fry them and add soaked chana in it. Add spices according to your taste.

And you are good to go.


No, this smoothie is not actually the one you drink of particular fruits. This smoothie includes all of the fruits you can add, with milk. Buy mixed fruits like banana, apple, strawberry, pomegranate, and grapes, actually whatever you can arrange.  Drink it. You will feel alive again.


Fruit Salad:

fruit salad

Once you have added fruit salad in your diet, nothing is better than this. To make it test better add fruit cream and coconut crush in it.


You know what can keep you feel energetic and motivated whole day; it’s your healthy mind. When you can’t think of a better health, you can’t really feel fresh and energetic all day. Breakfast works as all day energy supplement. When you question how to feel energetic instantly, it requires your whole day planned out in a right way and just a thought can make you feel better.