Can I Switch Realtors

You are moving soon and have put your home on the market. You are of course dealing with a reputable real estate agency and hope that you can sort out a good deal as soon as possible. However, it has been a couple of months now and the house still hasn’t been sold. You have not received any viable offers and are feeling extremely downhearted about the whole situation. You start to wonder if you should look for another realtor to help you as your current one doesn’t seem to be able to sell your house for you. If you are thinking about switching realtors, read on because there are some limitations in doing so.


Breaking the Contract

A normal house would sell within one month or so of it being listed as for sale. Anything more than that would be out of the ordinary. Normally it would only occur if the property market is facing a severe downturn. However, in those extreme situations where you want to get out of contract with your current realtor, you need to know what you can and cannot do. Have a look at your contract. It might only be a three-month or six-month contract. How many months has it been? If you still have some time to go before the end of your contract, try talking to your realtor. If he is willing to cancel your contract, you will then be free to look for another realtor to assist you in selling your house.


Switching Real Estate Agents

If you have signed a contract with a real estate agency, you might be used to dealing with a broker. He will then in turn assign a real estate agent to you. If you are not comfortable with the current one that you have or if you feel that you would prefer someone else who can work harder for you, have a word with your broker on this. Remember that signing a contract with a real estate agency means you have different agents at your disposal and you would not be breaking the contract by requesting for a switch.


Playing the Waiting Game

As mentioned earlier, contracts with realtors do not last for a long time. If it is just a three-month contract and you have some time left before it lapses, why not just wait for the end of your contract? After all, your realtor will still be trying to sell your house for you in that period of time. When it is nearing the end of the contract, your realtor will ask if you want to renew the contract. If you are not comfortable with him, just tell him that you do not want to renew the contract. You will then be free to source for other agents.


Penalties Incurred

If you suddenly switch agent’s midway, you might be breaking the law and penalties might be imposed on you. The worst thing that could happen is that you would need to pay two lots of commission to both agents. The main thing to do before switching agents would be to talk to your first agent first to sort things out.