What are the Common Causes of Headache?

Headache is one of the most common terrible things that happen to almost every one, once or twice in every month or even more. Actual causes of headache are not very well defined. There are actually lots of different reason that can contribute to chronic headache or transient headache. According American Society of Headache, the causes of headache are defined in distinctive ways.  The majority of everyday headache we almost face every day is either migraine or tension headache. Sinus headache is also very common and often misconstrue as migraine headache. The sinus headaches usually cause due to exposure of excessive sun or infection of upper respiratory tract and also regulated by certain chemical in nervous system. A short time sudden headache is often triggering by tension or anxiety. Broadly headache can be defined as two groups according to causes of headache; they are primary headache and secondary headache. Primary headache can be any headache with underlying disease processes like tension headache, sinus headache or migraine. The secondary headache can be due to brain tumor or meningitides or due to optical issues are few examples.

Some people are very sensitive to certain external causes and very much prone to headache. Causes of headache can be endless, few external causes like watching television or computer screen for long time can cause headache. Sleeping in a different posture and then sprain your head and shoulder joint can be one cause of headache. Eating food in big gap often cause headache at the hunger stage and even after eating the food. Getting dehydrated can cause headache as well.  The sinus headache often cause due to blocking of nose and inflammation of sinus. Sinus headache can only be relieved by inhaling steam to clear out the sinus channel. Sinus headache is also very much painful like migraine headache. Change of optical power can often cause headache, as we stress our eye to view things which is not in our normal range. Sports person or musician often suffers from headache due to certain head injury or continuous sound of music respectively can cause headache. Women sometimes get headache during menstrual cycle and even during pregnancy.

One of the most painful headaches is migraine. Till date there is not proper treatment or reasons have been discovered that cause migraine headache. Migraines are much common in women than men. You can easily identify between migraine headache and sinus headache by their features. Migraine headache are usually occur in half of the fore head while sinus headache on the both unilateral side of fore head. In migraine headache victim become sensitive to light and sound and migraine attack last for at least 48-72 hours and often associated with nausea. There is common notion that avoiding certain food like dark chocolate cheese and monosodium glutamate often exacerbate the condition or even trigger it.

Other than suffering from sinus headache other physiological process that can cause headache are viral encephalopathies, brain tumor or cancer etc. There are other external of behavioral cause of headache like long time sleep deprivation, continuous stress or tension, overwork, skipping lunch or dinner for long time. Often excessive alcohol use can cause severe headache.