Counting the Exact Amount of Calorie per Day

It is really difficult to calculate how much calorie an individual need to keep him in a good physical health. Calorie count is really different from each person to other. It depends on weight, height, food habit and most importantly how much physical activity you are doing in any given day. But there are some guideline’s  and charts which we can follow to know approximately what should be the target and how much we are in close to it. There are few calculation based Net wellness which calculate the calorie requirements by observing the metabolic rate of an individual while resting without any kind of exercise.

Calculate your resting metabolic rate

It is really important to calculate your metabolic rate at sedentary state and this will help you to know how much calorie you need per day. It can very easily calculate by using instrument like Medgem which gives the result accurately. This instrument has four sensors that measure the amount of oxygen inhale and exhale. It is the measure of amount of oxygen a body needs to keep its vital activity going like heart, brain and breath. You can get an average estimate of resting metabolic rate by websites like  There are lots of important freely available in mayo clinic webpage to maintain normal healthy food habits depending on calorie intake.

Define your goal maintaining weight

The goal to understand the resting metabolic rate is to chalk out a diet which gives you the calorie just the exact amount you need to keep your body going without causing any physical damage at the same time not giving any excess calorie that your body cannot burn. Giving the excess calorie to your body is the main cause of obesity. If you really want eat more you have to do the physical activity that can burn those extra calories.

Distribute your calorie in different food

In respect with Mayo Clinic guidelines your total calorie count should be distributed in such a way that about 20-40 percent should come from protein containing food like chicken, milk egg and fish. Our body should consume fat which can give you just 10 percent of your total calorie requirements like oil butter etc. You should always choose good fat not the lard or clarified butter. As carbohydrate is the filler food which helps you to feel full, you can easily eat 40-50 of total carbohydrate to add on the calorie value. If you feel hungry with this food, you can add of lot of fresh fruit and vegetables in your diet which actually consider having very low calorie value. Most useful food which is having zero calorie value is carrot and tomatoes if eaten raw.