Dropping off the Rental Cars to Airports

Dropping off the rental cars to airports:- Car is important part in many trip we usually take. It is always convenient to rent a car especially if you are in vacation or you are in trip for your companies. There are options available where you can just book you rental car from airport directly or there are other places in the city where you can use this facility. Always plan ahead about booking the car, you should give yourself half an hour for returning procedure and adjust your time in such way so that you don’t miss your flight. There are few tips you can include while returning your rental car to airport.

·         Try to fill the rented car with gas before starting for airport. There are gas stations often located near around the airport. If you have not filled the oil, the company may charge money against that, which is little expensive than the cost of oil. There is an option in some agencies that they will bear all the cost of oil. They actually fill your car with oil and you just drop the empty car at the end of using the service. This service is good, if you are planning to travel lot of places but if you are not, then opt for the first option rather than the other.

·         Try to keep you schedule of dropping time fix. If you are dropping your rented car beyond 2 hours from the actual time, they occasionally charge you lot of extra money for this delay. If you are returning beyond 24 hours of schedule drop off, then ask for any option they have, otherwise they will charge more than scheduled fees.


·         Make arrangement beforehand. Plan out the company you are going to choose from airport. There are lot companies which offer rental car service right at the air port ground transportation area. When you are returning the rental car to airport,  it is usually the same location you picked up your rented car. Look for the sign which say your company name like Avis, hertz, enterprise, budget etc. If any companies have offsite location, which means not just at the airport, they will provide to and fro shuttle service from airport to their location.


·         When you are returning your rented car, try to remove all the trash from the car. Try to keep the car clean and well maintained, otherwise they will charge for damage in the car.


·         When returning the rental car to airport, try to give back the key to the attendant or you drop it in the slot box.