What are the easy ways of Cleaning Gold Jewelry?

Gold is one of the important metals that never fade its shines. Gold is one of the most appreciated jewelry every one likes to wear or like to possess. As we all know gold is very soft metal. If the quality of the gold is better than its consistency is much softer. Harder gold mean something has been added to make it strong. Cleaning gold jewelry is important thing we regularly do or try to do to get rid of all the oil or dirt from our skin. If we don’t clean it for long time it will look darker and often less glittery than its usual self. As gold is soft metal you have to take care for cleaning gold jewelry. There are different solutions available in the market labeled as gold cleaning solution. But you can easily do that in home by using a soft brush without distorting its look.

Things you can arrange for cleaning gold jewelry are mild dish washing detergent, soft brush, soft muslin cloth. First try to get a big bowl with much larger space to move your hand around. Put some dish washing detergent in mild warm water in that bowl. Don’t pour too much detergent that will make lot of unnecessary bubbles and make the solution turbid. You can now put all your gold jewelry in the soap water and let be in the water for few minutes at least for 10 minutes. This will help to cleaning gold jewelry easily as it loosen out the dirt and grease from the ornaments. Now you can use your soft brush to remove all those sticky dirt and dry skin from the gold jewelry. Take care when using soft brush, try as much gentler as possible. This will not damage your precious jewelry. Never use pin or sharp things that will not only remove the precious stone attached to your ornament but also make scratch on the ornament. Now clean the gold jewelry by clean water in another bowl. Now wipe it gently with soft cloth. Never use any hard chemical or abrasive solution to clean the jewelry. The last step of cleaning gold jewelry is to dry it in air. Before begin the washing always look for any damage that has already been there in clasp or chain or prongs. Even using soft brush can damage these delicate parts. In such case it is always good idea to take them in repair shop.