What is EGG Credit Card

Banking system is now running over the internet. This is called online-banking. Credit card is one of the common parts of online banking. People now feel easy to carry a EGG credit card rather than check book. It is also safe too. There are many kinds of credit cards all over the world. It varies from bank to bank. EGG credit cards are like that type of credit card. It is one of the most popular credit cards in the United Kingdom. These cards offer a variety of beneficial services and rewards to the customers in a number of ways.

The cards are provided by the company named “EGG”. Egg got set-up in 1996 and primarily an Internet bank operating in the UK with its headquarters in Derby, England providing finance and insurance. Egg uses to be called Prudential Banking plc.  Since 1998 Egg have grown into the world’s largest online bank. It rises so early because it is possible to get an account over the internet. Egg provides several services like savings accounts, credit cards and loans but also offers mortgages and many insurance products too. But the important thing which makes EGG so popular is “EGG Credit Card”.

The card is issued by Egg Card Services, one of the biggest online banking institutions of the world. But the thing is if anyone wants to be owner of this service s/he must be permanent resident of the United Kingdom (excepting the Isle of Man and Channel Islands) and must be at the age of 18 or more.

EGG Credit Card has become so popular for its offers and rewords. The card has consistently offered some of the most competitive introductory rates on the market especially the 0% balance transfer offer. But 3% transfer handle fee for outstanding balance. It is also an interest free credit card for the first of the half year as it offers 0% interest for 5 month. It also provides special anniversary offers.

On all balance transfers made in anniversary periods there is a 2.5% handling fee. So, exactly a year after applying for your credit card, borrowers will have access to a 0% rate on balance transfers for the next five months. The rate of the interest, when it is applicable, is variable. The online shopping is guaranteed by this. The standard variable APR is 16.9%  where others on 18%. And to top it off credit card holders are entitled to a wealth of cash-back and discount offers at a variety of retail outlets including Dixons, Thomas Cook and Virgin Wines.

The online banking of EGG Credit cards are runs by the VISA network. So it is secured  and safe to exchange money over the internet.

The interesting thing is you can open this account from anywhere if you are a citizen of United Kingdom (UK). Just go to the EGG website and fill the details and submit it. Within 2-3 business days you will get the full form of the card, check and sign. When you return the form to the EGG, your account will be normally opened within 7-10 business days. You also get a welcome gift from the EGG which is the confirmation of your opened account.

Customers taking out an Egg credit card are also offered a range of other benefits such as: free travel insurance, purchase protection and Internet shopping protection. However, anyone taking out a card is advised to opt for additional protection with the Card Protection Plan, which for £15which will cover them against all theft and fraud. Customers can also protect their repayments (with a Repayment Protection Plan) that currently charges about one percent of money spent.