Ensuring Letter for Claiming your Auto Insurance

Auto accidents are not an uncommon happening in our daily mundane life. In fact auto accident is very common incident which usually happens to many of us on our busy schedule. It is not always necessary that the accident is fatal, but you definitely get few scratches and other damage on your car. Then you have to run pillar to post to get all those stuff fix  and in the mean while you have to call for the repair service, you have go to destined place by some other means, sometimes you have to cancel the appointment or you may need to go to the hospital as well. Above all of this you have to negotiate with your insurance c company to report and claim your auto insurance. If you think that it is not your mistake and you don’t need to waste your time with all those stuff, but still the other party whom you clashed with may want to go for insurance to settle. But for initiating all these without any proper legal adviser you have to write your own letter of demanding settlement officially to the insurance company.

For writing this official letter you basically need to report the clash or accident in brief, medical expenses and medicine expense, amount you already spent in car repair shop, few snaps of damage that happened both the car and any other relevant information which can be favorable for your claiming the insurance.

How to write Letter for Claiming your Auto Insurance in proper way-

  • You need to collect all the information regarding this accident. If you are still under the medical treatment it is difficult to settle the deal as you don’t know how much will be the exact expense. Your physician can give you a rough estimate.  Usually the claim examiners visit the damage vehicle and make a report. Your duty is to talk to representative and know his name and the specific number given to your case. It is extremely important to write those in the claim letter.
  • Try to make a comprehensive list of all expense starting from, medical, your salary  you wasted, repair cost, renting another car  and drug expenses. These you need to make the settlement.
  • Write a formal demand letter to claim your auto insurance. Try to stick on the fact and exact relevant information. Sometimes unwanted emotional thing can cause more trouble when claim your auto insurance.  Explain the main reason how your vehicle clash and what are other injuries happen to you or your car. Also write down the present condition of yours, if you are still under medication for this particular case. If you have not provided all the proof to the claim examiner, then photo copy all the records like auto repair bill, medical bill and snaps and attach these documents with your letter and send them to the claim center. Always mail this letter in a certified mail; you definitely need a proof of delivery confirmation for this mail.
  • Now what you can actually expect from this settlement is sometimes hard to determine. Generally for medical bill, if it is treated by primary care and if it is cover by the medical expense then you can’t claim for expense. But definitely you can include the cost of emergency visit co-pay or medicine you bought from pharmacy. But definitely you can claim for non-tangible expense like, if you missed your salary for a day or few days. Try to figure auto the rules of your insurance and if you are not clear about it call the agents multiple times to get most out of the insurance.