Essential Utensil list for a new kitchen and for new housewives

When you are getting a new kitchen or you are just starting a new family, you will be buying for the various rooms in the house. You will need some essentials, you will need some basics, you will need some me-too items and you will need some “this is nice” items. Of course all this depends on how much cash you want to dole out for your kitchen. Like all smart moves, start with a plan in mind or on paper.

You could start by making a list of all the things you need for a great kitchen and then add all you think could help you make great meals comfortably and all you think would make your family kitchen a great place to be. Don’t worry about how long the list is or what the total costs looks like, since  you are not buying anything at this point but just making a list.

But just as you need some basic essentials in life, there are some essential kitchen gadgets, tools, and utensils that are key for any or maybe most kitchens. Some of these you can easily guess already. Can you? Some things to prepare the food with, some things to cook the food with, things to eat the food with and things to store food with.

1. Good knives. If you do not want to hurt your hands from the effort of cutting various food items, then you need to get a good set of kitchen knives and replace them as soon as you notice they are out of order. Knives are used to cut in pieces things ranging from vegetables to fish, meat and if your husband hunts, to cut up the game too. So you need to always have good knives handy in the kitchen.

2. Good pots, and pans. Get these in various sizes and for various uses. You may get a few bigger sizes for those days you may need to cook more food than usual. Maybe a thanksgiving dinner or a family get together meal. You need pans for frying too.

3. Cooking spoons and utensils. While cooking you need to use all sorts of utensils to mix, to turn, to shake, to fry etc. All these are not expensive, and it is better you buy them in sets. Keep the ones that are not in use in the pack and ensure they are stored in a clean and dry place.

4. Glass bowls and containers. When you are through cooking, you need containers you can turn the food into as you won’t be serving from the pots or keeping the food in the pot. Shop around for these glass containers as they are also not expensive on the basic and essential types. You could get very expensive ones if you can afford these.

5. Aprons, napkins and wipes. You will need to clean your hands often. Get all these together so you could also change them all at once, maybe just before thanksgiving or before Christmas or before your wedding anniversary. So you could regularly change it all.

That list could be some of the basic essentials.

A number of other things that your kitchen needs include a burner or cooker or stove – whatever it is called in your area that cooks the food, a dish washer, a pressure cooker, refrigerators, juice extractor, oven and more and more the list goes on. You may argue that these are all essentials for a kitchen. Yes I agree too but it all depends on who you are and what you eat.