Every Answer to Herbal Beauty

Homemade Herbal beauty product is the best way to keep your beauty evergreen forever. It is also easy way to keep your budget loose on the other shopping rather than buying expensive beauty product. You can make your own cleaning solution, astringent and moisturizer easily with the help of oil extract from tea tree, jojoba oil or olive oil.

Recipe of handmade liquid soap

Dissolve olive oil soap common known as castile soap in English in distilled water and also mix 3ml of tea oil. You can get all these stuff from natural health shop. You can mix lavender oil in this mixture in liquid soap, to make it more amicable to sensitive skin. For skin with acne you can add Salvia sclarea extract a perennial plant usually from North Africa and Central Asia. It known have good effect as antiseptic. Try to keep it in a very good quality plastic bottle and use it as best cleaning liquid soap forever.

 Recipe of herbal makeup removing cream

Use jojoba oil and wax together and keep it in glass container. This is one of the wonderful cleaning creams you can use from any skin type. Don’t scrub the cream to remove makeup, just dab it into your face and remove the makeup. Then wash it with Luke warm water and see your skin as fresh as flower. You can also use this to remove eye liner and mascara.

Recipe for herbal moisturizer

Try to use jojoba oil all over your body and face just after taking bath. Jojoba oil is very good to keep the skin’s natural balance of hydration in the skin without making it oily. This also good to keep you from sunrays as the spf value of jojoba oil is 8-10. Also you try using rose oil, sandal wood oil and olive oil in a mixture and apply it directly into skin.  Arnica Montana extract is also known for good sunscreen effect.