What are the Facts about element Phosphorus

Phosphorus is highly used common element in periodic table. It is considered as major reactive and poisonous but also has a highly significant role in our daily life. It is naturally occurring element in the form of phosphates. It also has variety of allotropes of different color like red yellow or black which usually emit fluorescent light. The term phosphorus is derived from Greek word mean light bearer of light. It is almost found everywhere in the world especially Russia, Africa and USA.

The most common and every day use of phosphorus is fertilizer with phosphorus. It is used mainly for enriching soil with phosphate and other chemical substance combined to make fertilizer with phosphorus. It is also use for other purpose of making insecticide or pesticide or bomb shells for incendiary. It has a great use in making in various alloy steel plants. Our body also contains phosphorus and special requirement in our diet in proper amount. Although it is considered not so amicable element but it is found in huge quantity next to nitrogen in terms of its presence in human body. It can be found everywhere in the body especially in blood, bones and body fluid. It is one of the main constituents of human body especially found in the organs like brain, kidney and heart. The most important function of phosphorus in human body in to make our teeth and bone stronger and healthy. It plays distinctive role in human body process and physiology.  It takes part in almost all the enzymatic reaction in each cell of our body. It works best in presence of vitamin D and calcium. It plays major role in giving strength and support to cell membrane and also helps in carrying out major hormonal activities inside our body. Other than being part of DNA, RNA, protein or carbohydrate it also helps in carrying nerve impulse from end of neuron to other.

It  is available in different form as we already know we can use it as fertilizer with phosphorus or steel, it is also available in edible form for boosting our nutrients in our body.  We derive the element phosphorus for our metabolism from different food products like yoghurt, milk, cottage cheese, American cheese, different crustacean like lobster, crab or shrimp. Even we get good amount of phosphorus from fish like tuna and also in poultry product like chicken. There are different vegetarian versions or plant product of phosphorus like peanut, wheat bran, sunflower seed, corn, peas or vegetables like cabbage or broccoli. Chemically we found it in different soda and chocolate drinks.