Factual Details about Imitinef Mercilet

Blood cancer or the malignancy, which commonly attacks the lymphatic system, bone marrow, or blood, can develop at any age leading to the pain and suffering that the patient has to undergo. Most of the people refer to this disease as leukemia but practically this disease has three categories that is lymphoma, which means development of malignant tumors in the lymph system. Leukemia on the other hand is the abnormal development of the malignant cells in the blood whereas myeloma means malignancy in the plasma cells produced in the bone marrow. Doctors use the drug Imitinef Mercilet free of cost for curing only one type of blood cancer.

Although, certain cancer institutes in India provide Imitinef Mercilet free of cost to the patients suffering from a particular kind of blood cancer but there are certain conditions, which require verification before you can get the facility of free treatment with the help of Imitinef Mercilet. According to the available facts, it is clear that Imitinef Mercilet cures only a certain type of cancer affecting the blood so it is essential that the patient have to first undergo the test to ensure that he or she is suffering from that particular kind of cancer, which is curable with the help of Imitinef Mercilet.

Moreover, a patient has to get admission in those particular hospitals or institutes, which supply Imitinef Mercilet for curing the disease, as you cannot buy this drug off the counter from the local chemists. However, until date this drug has not shown any type of long-term adverse side effect as this drug taken orally easily reaches the bloodstream and starts its action. Nevertheless, some common side effects may occur during the administration of the drug, which lasts for a short while during the term of the treatment. These side effects are rash, edema, musculoskeletal pain, and nausea. Thus, you have to fulfill the conditions for getting proper treatment with the help of this drug.