Fighting Gently With Your Discolored Skin

Fighting Gently With Your Discolored Skin

A smooth beautiful flawless skin is desire for everyone. The beauty of skin usually judged by facial skin or by the hand or neck etc, which always remain bare and always exposed with not physical factors like sun, dust and pollution. Because of this exposure our skin usually loses its natural color became more tanned, or reddish. After prolonged extreme exposure the skin loses its own skin tome became blotchy or freckled or reddish brown. Other than exposure to sun discoloration of skin also happen due to age as there are lot of hormonal change occurs in case of women or due to some disease like diabetes. But a proper diet and few common skin treatments can prevent the skin from changing its natural color. There two ways you can adapt to get rid of problem of spotty skin either, by preventing the discoloration and then hiding them with makeup.

Preventing discoloration

Exfoliating dead skin

Exfoliation is an important exercise to remove those spotty discolored cell and make space for new cells to grow. Exfoliation can be done in two ways, either by using granulated scrub or by the use exfoliating face mask. You can either use different exfoliation scrub available in the market or you can make your own face exfoliating scrub or mask by natural ingredients. If you have sensitive skin uses the scrub which is not granulated and use exfoliating agent good for pimples or acne. The main aim of the exfoliation is to remove that tanned skin and get your skin tone back.

Hydrating skin with moisturizer

Maintaining the hydration level both for skin and body is important factor to remove discoloration of the skin. Dry skin usually develops lot of problem like scaling or flaky appearance. Try to use adequate skin moisturizer every time when you washing your face. It always good idea to apply generous amount of skin replenish night cream rich in jojoba oil, or vitamin E etc every night before going to sleep. This will help to remove the dark spot and develop uniform tome in the skin. Long time sun exposure can be protected by using sunscreen with moisturizer.

Hiding skin discoloration

Bleach is the easiest solution

Bleaching is often a good idea to fade your skin which is tanned or dark. If you are applying bleach try to apply in the dark spot rather than whole face, this will help to lighten the skin which was dark not the place which is already good. Component like hydroquinone is approved by FDA to use as skin bleaching agent. If that doesn’t give you good effect try applying skin lighteners which is also efficient to remove dark tone in the skin

Applying makeup evenly

Try applying makeup before going out for party to temporarily cover up your blemishes. A perfect make up can easily turn your face into perfect skin. Try applying makeup that perfectly matches with your skin tone, try to several time on your face not in hand or wrist, before buying it. Sometimes many of us have different skin tone in different part of the body. If you still not satisfied with your make up use concealer for really discolored or freckled area, this will complete hide the dark spot smoothly.