Finding jobs in unconventional way

Finding jobs in unconventional way:- We are facing recession for almost 5-6 years now. The most adverse side effect of recession is job market. Job market has gone down so much that it had never happened for last 15 years. Every where there is cutting edge competition in getting job. For a single vacant position there is almost for than 100 applicants any job site. Any common job finding site like monster or dice there are like thousands of individual applying everyday and registered. So to crack this stand still situation you have to find a unique way to get you jobs. Being meticulous and systematic search definitely a key to success and along with that, you need to apply very unconventional strategy to find your job.

Steps towards finding jobs 

  • First step is try to use your social site like LinkedIn or face book, use your acquaintances to get the job. Spread a word of mouth about your job search. Let everybody know what you are looking for. They can easily give new information about any opening in their company or area and apply their first.
  • Read your local newspaper and graze all the classifieds not only focus on the job advertisement, but also to the tender notice or local news of heading like a new building has been made in the hospital for research, for cafeteria etc. These clearly indicate they definitely need lot of technical people for this project and also after completion.  Also the news like bankruptcy increasing means lot people needed in legal stream in firm deals with that paperwork.
  • Be desperate and sent force email to every possible place that might need your expertise. If possible just walk inside an office meet the possible people they can offer you jobs. Most the cases advertisement published after a week or 2 after the position is vacant. Try to grab the opportunity of this dormant period and ensure your job. Don’t be introvert and just try this, maximum they can give you negative reply that should not deter you from the searching.
  • Always look for local job fair, they sometimes offer job right at those places. Also look for new construction of supermarket, offices, sometimes they give their advertisement right at that site you can just email or call them directly.
  • You can also try different option. Just try to start your own talent business like if you are good at culinary art try to gather funds to open a restaurant, or try to sale your painting or craft in eBay, itsy etc. Or you can join local coaching class to teach something like language, martial art or even any subject they needed. So applying all those tools you will definitely going to find a job for yourself with short period of time.