How can you Properly Fit a Mirror in the Door

How can you Properly Fit a Mirror in the Door – A mirror is one of the daily commodities we always use in the house. Mirror not only serves the purpose of grooming but it also increases the show of the room if placed strategically. Dresser with mirror is not a problem but fixing a big full size mirror on door or wall sometimes can be critical. A mirror can look very odd if it is not placed properly with defined measurement with measuring tape. It became more critical if you want to put a frame around the mirror to enhance its beauty. It is always advisable to start with proper measurement with measuring tape and proper marking with chalk pencil before doing anything else. As we putting the mirror in geometric plain it is extremely important to have it placed in right spot without any slanted or inclined position. The easiest way to put the mirror centrally is to place it in middle by measuring the vertical and horizontal surface properly. It is important to mark these measurements with distinct chalk pencil, so that you can see it properly and clearly and can remove it when you are finishing the installation. It is also important to choose the right type of mirror as you have to take care of the door latch and knob for access the door.

Before doing anything first accumulate the stuff like measuring tape, yard stick, chalk pencil nails and dry cloth for wiping. First try to take the measurement of the door at the top, bottom and center with measuring tape. Now mark the cross line cutting midpoint of each measurement with chalk pencil. Measure the center in each case, it is not problem for rectangular door but it can difficult if the door shaped oval or dome etc. Use yard stick to connect the all the center point and again mark this lightly with chalk pencil. Also measure the height of the desired door from right side to left side. Now measure the mirror with measuring tape and draw the vertical and transverse point at the corner of the mirror as same as before with faint chalk k pencil. Connect these lines with the help of yard stick.

Now place the mirror appropriate as the reference chalk pencil line you marked by taking care of proper horizontal and vertical position. Now draw a line with chalk pencil around the mirror if you want to mount a frame across the mirror. Now mount the mirror on the door with proper nails and hardware as provided with proper measurement according to measuring tape. Now clean all the chalk pencil mark with dry or lightly damp cloth. Now your mirror is ready to use.