Garden Landscapes : Your personal romantic setting

Many movies inspired by the Shakespearean settings or Monet’s paintings have chosen beautiful landscapes and gardens to portray romantic scenes, like the breath-taking setting in the movie “A Cinderella Story” which takes place in the garden after the ball dance and who can forget the renowned balcony scene from the evergreen “Romeo & Juliet”. One wonders why we, the common folk, can’t enjoy the pleasures of a romantic evening in the likeness of fairy tales. Well, as a matter of fact, we can, and it is not that difficult or costly, all you would need are a few well selected combinations of different shrubs, creepers and some flower plants with a pleasant smell, you could also go for some seasonal flowers if not perennial blossoms. All you would have to do is follow the following simple steps.

Steps for Garden Landscapes

The first step would be to determine which plants are favored by the climate and soil in your area, to do this you just have to visit the nearest nursery. Now, at the nursery, while determining the types of plants which grow you can also select which flowers you would like in your backyard, the different shrubs and plants and creepers(recommended if you have an arch) and flowers beds.  You have to be careful in selecting different flowers based on their period of blossom and also the color combination which complement each other like purples and whites, reds and greens etc. Do not stray from your personal choices in doing this and a few fragrant perennials like petunias and sweet alyssum will just make your day, everyday perennially.

Now after the flower bed is done, it might be good to take a look at the different shrubs and trees you might want to have in your backyard, you might want edible trees or just some with beautiful textures to light up your house. The different shrubs will cover the missing links between your flower bed and the trees. However, if you have a sit out in the backyard with a beautiful arch or trellis, it will be best to get a good creeper with fragrant blossoms.

The last thing after planting would be the maintenance; this is the most important factor in any garden landscape. You have all kinds of pests and diseases caused by these tiny monsters to look out for. Constantly check the plant for possible infection, directed use of pesticides and insecticides is advised. Lastly, the weed, you will have to consistently root out the weed which will eat away all the nutrients in the soil at a rate far greater than what your plants can manage, so rooting out this menace is recommended. Ask the people at the nursery about the commonly occurring pests and diseases in your area.

There you have it, a beautiful backyard which would be a pleasant sight everyday or a romantic setting for your anniversary. Choose the best suited flowers for each occasion in your life. The combinations are bountiful and beautiful; incredible and edible. So take your pick.