Give a New look to Your Faded Car Upholstery

Our car is one of our most cherished possessions. We always try to keep it clean and maintained as far as possible. But some wear and tear with time is inevitable with time. Among other auto body parts, fading and wearing of upholstery in the car seat is very common. The only place to access the car is the car seat, so it is extremely important to have nice looking and extremely comfortable car seat. Upholstery in the car usually get bad by various reasons like spilling of coffee, juice, coke etc and also by extreme weather like sun and dust. After prolonged exposure of these your car seat looks bad and lose it original color and became very dull. These actually affect the overall appearance of the car. Actually we can easily get rid of this upholstery problem simply by dying it by ourselves. Although it sounds kind of complicated but actually it is easy to do. Dying auto upholstery is almost as same as dying other domestic upholstery. Try these methods and get a complete makeover of your favorite car.

Initially you need plastic tub, warm water and dye (fabric) to start coloring.

Steps to follow-

  • First you have to remove the cover of the seat. Sometimes it is easy to remove seat cover of your car which is tucked with zipper. But sometimes you have to locate the clips, which is usually located in rear end of the car seat cover.
  • Now prepare your dye to put the car seat. Take quite big size tub to put your cover of the upholstery and to color the entire portion uniformly. Follow the instruction on the color package to know whether you need to add water on the mixture or it is already diluted. Now you put your car seat cover and put a heavy object above it to fix it in the tub properly. Soak it as recommended in the package.
  • After dying is complete you can take the covers out from the tin and allow them to dry in the sun. Try to stretch it very firmly so that it does not get wrinkle in any part, which will affect the pattern of color. After it is complete dry, you can use it to cover the car seat.
  • Choosing the right color is important when dying your seat. It is actually helpful if you choose dark color rather than light color for your car seat. If you feel that color is not uniform try dying again in the same way.
  • Few things you have to remember  are don’t use your bath tub as coloring tub, as most bath tub are made up of porcelain the color will dye your bathtub as well. Also think twice before using spray paint to color your car seat as most of the time it make the fabric hard and stiff and you will lose the comfort of using car seat.