Good things about being Friend-zoned

Good things about being Friend-zoned

Friend-zone is that dangerous zone nowadays which is regarded as more challenging than any other challenge in the world (is it so bad?). It is said that friendship is the most precious thing one could ever have then why it is so bad to be in friend-zoned by opposite sex? Meeting a lot of people with the same issue and self experience made me think about why being friend-zoned is problematic? I am referring to a topic which has become a popular trope, and people taking interest in making jokes and memes and what not out of it, making it a nearly universally-recognized concept.

People generally relate being friend-zoned as a rejection in life. It’s like you got a reply from your crush that she loves you too but only as a friend, and that is what you would least expect.

Although most of the people get scared about the idea of being ‘just friends’ with the opposite sex but there are things which are really good about being in this zone. Your friend who is genuinely interested in being your friend is a cool person and not someone who is using your feelings as a means to exploit you.

The concept of friend-zone is overhyped, it’s like when you spend time with someone, surely you are going to be attached and sometimes it may become romantic but that’s true for even non-friends. There are people who fall in love with complete strangers and there is nothing to do about it.

Also, friendzone is seen as a male only thing while girls are also friend zoned. The idea behind being friend zoned and misogynistic is may be because of a remnant thought of patriarchy, if you like her, you own her and when you face rejection, it is labeled as being Friendzone! Funny right? Like almost everything in the universe, friendship zone has its own pros and cons and there are people who try to get out of friendzone.

But let me tell you the Friend zone benefits

You are his/her all the time favorite company.

There is a problem with these so called “nice guys” that they are so obsessed with pleasing other people and neglect their own needs and desires. They are like the perfect ones for her but not in terms of romance. However, they still can be emotionally close, he can have someone to confide in and be vulnerable with. Ironically this might make him tremendously more attractive to her.

You are saved from boyfriend/girlfriend nuisance.

Although you wanted to be her soul mate, being a lover is merely a short time of togetherness in current scenario. It’s up to you if you choose to be ditched for an unknown reason or you want to be with her always.

She can help you with almost everything you are curious about

Generally what you don’t get in life is a beautiful advice. People will tell you what’s wrong and right in you. She will never judge you wrong. Infact, you can ask her those creepy things you could never ask anyone else. When you fall in love with strangers too and you can do nothing about it while friend zoned let you cool about it later.
And as you are her friend now, she won’t feel insecure in laying her head on your shoulder that she might have felt if she would not know you.

Hanging out with her in public will make you more eye-catching.

Women are apparently cool with hanging out with you because she thinks you are at least not that creepy, you are cool and you are not someone waiting to sleep with her. And that is why other women will tend to be more comfortable interacting with you than if you were the loner guy who doesn’t interest with any women whatsoever.

Being with her will probably teach you how not to be friend-zoned.

You are friend zoned and you are not the guy she is interested taking it to further but being with her will help you be the kind of boy girls like. She might feel that I friend zoned him and now I like him.

Being considered someone’s friend should be thought as an honor, yet it isn’t. It is important that we unpack the way popular culture is influencing how we think about friendship. We look after the disadvantage of friendzone and couldn’t accept that it could be something awesome.