Granting job interviews

The job of granting interviews is not as easy as it looks to people, moreso when the person or persons involved want to work for you or with you. Many questions needs to be avoided for reasons that are more of a professional nature and to avoid court cases, questions bordering on age, religion which is very sensitive, marital status and sexual beliefs which is another very sensitive question to ask. Likewise when you finally decide on someone you become tied to that person concerning major areas of her life, her future and her old age benefits which is quite what many are looking out for in getting or securing jobs. So you need to be thorough during the course of the interview, this will greatly help you in avoiding potential difficulties that may arise in the near future for you and the employee;  it will not hurt to let the person go even before the job starts. Below are some of the things to look out for and get tuned on before granting interviews to your potential employee(s)

 Resumes Sieveing

Time they say waits for no man, so you need to put the best of your time to full use and how do you do that, when it coms to the job the earlier you sieve out the weed from the chaff the better and what better way to do so than when you are collecting applications, like we said at the begining of this piece time is of the essence and granting interview to unqualified and undeserving people will only help consume much of your time and you dont have that much of a time to spare, let your interviews be limited to a certain number per day or week, this will help give enough time to each candidate as they come.

Intelligence and Attitude

Most candidates that go for interview are shy and most don’t focus on the interview due to the kind of stress that they pass through, so you as the interviewer look deeply into these hidden traits that the candidate might not put on display and work on them during the interview session, some may be too shy or afraid to let you in on their personal development goals and plans, sometimes it is not all about the paper qualification that most carry about, its all about attitude and the willingness to perform. It has been noted that job candidates are better relaxed when the interview looks more like a conversation rather than a military drill, this way they are better relaxed and well positioned to give you the hidden abilites that may not be displayed.

Make the interview session a free for all.

Allowing a candidtae to ask you questions about the firm or company she is going to represent works wonders, don’t be shy or  too rigid in answering the questions for they will come at you to make you leak out informations, but such informations will help them also to decide if they can work in such a firm or not. A candidate that keeps mute is a sign of not been too ready to work as some reservations may be hidden at the back of the mind of such a person. Questions candidates ask varies and from the qusetions you can know who is fit and who is not fit  for each position that is open, as much as you need to pay much attention to an applicant’s credentials and accomplishments,you need to make sure the scale is not tipped to one side by looking at the kind of person that is hidden under the applicant’s credentials and accomplishments.

So go ahead and grant the deserving candidate the job and you will be the better for it.