Steps to Grow Green Vegetable with Best Potting Soil

Steps to Grow Green Vegetable with Best Potting Soil – Picking up fresh vegetables everyday is always great excitement. It is not only about the freshness but it is much cheaper rather than buying them in super market.  Getting fresh green vegetable in few feet from kitchen is great achievement, it not only look good in your balcony it also can change the mood of your balcony.  Just getting best potting soil, proper water supply and plastic or clay pot and few common tools like moisture meter, organic fertilizer, few pebbles and seed or young plant, we can easily turn our cozy bight balcony in to small garden.

First get your pot and best potting soil ready for your favorite vegetables. Put some rock at the bottom of the drainage aperture of the pot.  This will help to keep the soil without leaking and keeping the soil with moisture and rain out excess water. Now put all the best potting soil. Choose different pot size depending on the kind of vegetable you want to grow. Vegetable like tomato like to grow in bigger place. Try to get a rough measurement the amount of soil you need to fill the pot, so that there is enough room for root to growl beneath in the pot. Try to make a compact when putting the soil and use hand to push soil down in the pot. Now you can put the plant you desire to grow in the pot and can add more of the best potting soil to firm it in the pot. Remember not to overfill the pot with soil as we need at least 1 inch space from the top of the rim of the pot for spraying water from nearby water supply. If you are using seed directly just follow the recommended size of pot, best pot soil and water meter for proper measurement of water in packet.

Try watering your plants as recommended and try it keep it in shade rather directly putting them in sun at the beginning. Try using regular moisture meter to keep them properly hydrated rather than rotting them or drying them with excess or scarcity of water. Don’t repot the soil frequently as that will deter the regular growth of the plant. After few weeks try to put the plant in the soil and again maintain the level of moisture by moisture meter.  Keep them in much water to full fill their need of nutrients and consistency of the soil. Don’t keep the water supply open continuously for long time, which loosen the soil and cause flood in the pot. You need to put much more food for pot plant as they easily use them when growing in pot rather than in the garden. Read the amount of food need to keep the plant growing properly. Try to use best pot soil and every time replenishes the nutrient whenever you’re watering the pot. Try growing vegetables like tomato, beet root, lettuce, beans or green chilly in balcony and enjoy the fresh flavor every day.