Growing Tips for Vegetables in Greenhouse without any Extra Heat

Greenhouse is one of the attractive ways to grow flower, vegetables and plant in your house. Greenhouses definitely need some investment to maintain it. But you can definitely choose and plan it in such a way that it can keep your budget low at the same time you can enjoy growing your favorite plants in there. Usually greenhouses are two types. One is cold greenhouse and another is hot green house. In hot greenhouse you have to add an external heating source to keep the temperature warm for growing the vegetables that are tropical. While in the cold greenhouse you can maintain a regular cold temperature without any extra heating cost. Use the vegetables that can grow in low temperature like spinach, lettuce or broccoli. Here are the points which can help to maintain cold greenhouse useful and attractive.

Few ways to consider

  • If the temperature falls below certain requirements in winter, try to add some natural tools that can keep your greenhouse warm. Try to fill the large black barrel which collects rain water with normal water. Place this barrel all around the greenhouse. In the day time this barrel will absorb heat from sun and became a heated mass and at the night they will radiate the heat to maintain the balance of temperature. This is the very good way to keep your greenhouse warm in cold with solar energy.
  • You can try to put a covering of bubble wrapper in night throughout the windows and ventilation that will help it remain the temperature under control without dropping it below normal. This will helpful in both ways, as it will prevent heat loss and also protect the plants from outer cold temperature. But don’t forget to remove the insulation at the day time because your greenhouse definitely needs some ventilation and fresh air in the morning.
  • Try to map your area by zip code in USDA map which will determine the hardiness for growing suggestion for different plants. But it is very important to be careful about the plant you choose and the temperature that you can maintain throughout the season. Sudden change of temperature can cause real damage to the vegetables. If you think you cannot control lot of temperature issue in your greenhouse try to choose the plants like beets, spinach, carrots, collards, kale, Brussels sprouts, and parsley as these are champion in winter temperature tolerance. If you feel like giving some effort and time by controlling the temperature then you can try growing medium cold tolerance plant like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, mustard, lettuce, onion, turnip, radish and onion.