Guide to Online Banking

With the ever increasing developing field of Information Technology, the online banking has since been gaining its full advantage with this growth of the technology era. Now, with just a few clicks of the mouse or the buttons on your computer keyboard, any banking transaction can be performed from any parts of the world.

1.                   Passwords

Password is very crucial when creating an online banking account as this is the most important security feature which you can be in control of. Do answer all the questions posted to you and ensure that no one will know the answer to them. When creating your password, do add in varieties of alphabets and numbers so that hackers may find it very difficult to gain access to your personal banking account.

2.            Services

There are numerous services provided by any online banking whereby you can just view anything you want regarding your banking account. Transferring of money from one account to another is mainly the main service provided with some bank allows paying of bills as well. Banks are often linked to various service companies such as the telecommunications company or network company to allow for payments being made straight from your banking account.  This helps a lot in saving time as you may not need to queue up at any other offices just so to pay your bills.

3.            Differences

Do be reminded that online banking is not the same as the ATM or mobile banking. ATM banking cannot be replaced with online banking as you will still be required to use the ATM machine for withdrawal or deposit of money. Online banking on the other hand can be performed from any location with an Internet connection, and all is needed is only a personal computer or laptop. Mobile banking is almost similar to online banking but the services provided for mobile banking is limited to certain services only as compared to a wide range of service provided via online banking.

4.            Alerts

Online banking can also be set for alerts just like the mobile banking service. Online banking will send the alerts to your email accounts to inform you of your current banking account, differing from the mobile banking service which sends alerts via short messaging services. You may choose to have a weekly or monthly bank statement to be sent to your email account depending on your preference.  Do ensure that the email account being provided initially to the bank is accurate, as you will definitely not wanting your personal banking account details to be sent to the wrong person.

5.            Security

When performing online banking, do not use unsecured network service or public computers so as to avoid anyone to access to your banking information.  However, if you really have to, do make sure that you are logged out completely from your online banking account especially when you are in access through an open Internet network. Do ensure that the firewalls are on when you are using unsecured Internet connections in order to disallow any one to gain access to your personal information.