What are Common tips for Hair Regrowth to overcome Baldness

There are lots of different factors that can immensely contribute to loosing hair. The different physiological condition like pregnancy or menopause for women, environmental factor like pollution, sunrays are the culprit of losing hair and eventually baldness if we don’t take proper care. Although there is no magic formula for hair regrowth but regaining back the normal hair health is possible with proper food and few natural things if we follow them.  It also varies between one people to another in terms of time of hair regrowth.

The first line of action for stop loosing hair is supplement in your diet with vitamins. If you are not eating take them in foods try to take vitamin capsule. There is well established report that vitamin B complex can prevent baldness unless it is due to genetic reason. A dose of 800 microgram of both vitamin B12 and vitamin C every day can help hair regrowth.  Supplement your diet with fiber vitamin and minerals other than normal intake of protein or carbohydrates. Excessive consumption of oil, sugar or spice can have negative effect on hair regrowth.  Try to incorporate food with lot of fresh color like vegetables and fruit and avoid junk fried food to maintain your healthy hair. Try drinking almost 6-7 liter of water daily to stop loosing hair.

You can also try some external treatment on your hair for preventing baldness or hair loss. Try to apply surplus amount of olive oil, argan oil, almond oil, Shea butter on your scalp and message it for at least an hour to invigorate blood supply in the hair roots. Try to move your finger gently throughout the scalp for messaging to make the oil absorb in the hair. Don’t do it in rough way, this will weaken the root and finally losing hair. You can do this message before or after bath. Other taking these cares try to adapt some healthy habit for your hair. Don’t expose yourself directly on sun for long time which can make your dry hair and eventually led it fall. Don’t comb your hair with excessive pressure, give some time for brushing gently that will help to prevent hair loss and restore the hair health. Don’t use hair accessories that are extremely tight and sharp like hair clip, rubber band or bobby pins. Try wash and dry your hair properly to get rid of dandruff and trim your hair periodically to keep your healthy and shiny with worrying about baldness.

There are other direct forms of treatment available to  hair regrowth with some drug directly prescribed by doctor. If you are in certain stage of hair loss, where diet can’t act and prevent loosing hair, then try using doctors prescribed drug like cortisone. There other over the counter drug like Rogaine for both men and women. There is a compound name minoxidil is very active to stimulate the hair regrowth.