Halifax, Nova Scotia

The capital city of Nova Scotia Halifax has flourished over the years and contains the second largest sea harbor in the world. Historical landmarks are abundant within this sea faring city.  From Cathedrals to the architectural wonder of the ‘Province House’, you will experience the traditional and cultural heritage of the residents of Nova Scotia. Moreover, many other local attractions will captivate you throughout your stay at Halifax.


The Old Town clock is something you will find amazing.  This landmark has become a recognition symbol for the town of Halifax. Guided tours are available for visiting the places of tourist interest in Halifax.


Write on your schedule the viewing of the “Grand Parade”.  This city square dates back to 1750.  Military parades and military maneuvers took place in this square.


There are many events and festivals for you to enjoy during your stay.  Family oriented festivals are available throughout the year.


The “We Love Our Children Expo” is a popular exhibition that introduces products for children.  Other popular festivals are the “Halifax Greek Fest” and the “Nova Scotia Multicultural Festival”.  You are sure to enjoy mingling with the locals.


The population of Halifax is rich in culture. Halifax is a true melting pot that contains different types of ethnic diversities. There is something attractive for every kind of taste in Halifax.


“Point Pleasant Park” is for nature lovers or anyone who wants to explore nature. Footpath’s and hiking trails are available for exploration. Cars cannot travel in the park. Parking is available on Point Pleasant drive and Tower road.


If nightlife is what you crave for then Halifax is the city for you. Halifax offers various entertainments that you are sure to enjoy.  The “O’Carroll’s Restaurant and Irish Pub” is very popular not only with the locals but also tourists. A beautiful dining area and a very friendly pub is what make this a local favorite. This pub offers live music every night.


If you are a beer lover then you must visit the “Rogue’s Roost”.  Beer lovers from all over the world enjoy the vast selection of local and international beer offered here. The Pub sports tables overlooking a garden.


Therefore, Halifax has a lot to offer you as a tourist. No matter what you are looking for, Halifax offers a variety of entertainment that is sure to please. Halifax offers family entertainment as well as nightclub entertainment for dancing and entertainment throughout the night.


Halifax offers numerous beaches for the sun-loving visitors. The funky beaches are people friendly with clear blue warm water sea that lures the visitors to enjoy a swim in the sea. Rissers Beach is where you will view couples strolling hand in hand or children searching for shells in the sand.


You cannot afford to miss a visit to the museums and gardens. The museums are rich in history and offer true stories of ancient life in Halifax. The gardens are simply breathtaking. The beautiful flowers and scenery are worth your time and effort.


Come visit Halifax today!  Let us entice you with our many attractions and events.  Halifax welcomes you with a smile for we know that one visit is not enough to appreciate all that Halifax has to offer.