Hike your salary in smooth way

In the job market the experience is directly proportional to the amount of salary you can expect. There is usually a salary raise for every employee after completing a year of service.  But due to down trodden economy and lot of other factors the situation work against this common rule and employer tries not to raise the salary until you force them to do so. Forcing does not mean that you will just annoy them or shout at them, there are specific ways by which you can just request them in polite way to raise the pay. The inflation rate of present economy is almost 50 percent, while there is no way you can keep quiet, if your employer is not willing to adjust your salary. In most cases you can get a bonus or they will increase the annual living cost. But before enjoy the fruit of your whole hard work; you have to go through few logical steps.

Stepping forward

Most of the time we cannot break the barrier of asking your boss or talk with him about the salary. We have to develop the courage to talk with boss frankly about the raise, most the time they get embarrassed and agitated. But this is the practical situation where you have to ask for your minimal rights. But before asking, just give few minutes to assess that whether you completely deserve a raise or not. If yes and if you have used best of your effort, then don’t be shy or nervous, be bold and ask your employer about rise.

Going through proper channel

In some places you can ask directly to your immediate boss about the salary raise. If you find him not very co-operative or he is not the correct person to ask about this issue, then you can talk with higher authorities. If you are unable to get a chance to talk with higher authority, then just fix a formal appointment with them. But in other places you have an opportunity to talk with human resource manager, where you can explain your situation and ask for raise. They will deliver your message to the appropriate place.

Making yourself indispensible

In most companies you have to work very hard and honestly to keep your job intact. Considering the scenario of job market it is not uncommon to get a pink slip in any fine morning. By keeping these in mind try to be absolutely exceptional in terms of your assignment and your duty. Try work as much as possible; acquire skill that can help your company in different aspect. Make yourself so indispensible that they will try to keep you and raise your salary automatically. If you still feel that they are doing it, then make a portfolio by arranging all your records and task you have accomplished in last year, or make a presentation to present this in front of administrative committee and then ask for your raise

Wait for incubation

Now you need to be patient to know the outcome of raise after you have discussed this matter of pay hike with your management. Usually it can be reflected in your next pay check or may be after 1-2 month. Until that period never talk about this matter with your employer. This will show your confidence and patience and also help your employer to give you appropriate figures whatever you deserve.