House Price Sales Info

If you are looking into buying a house, you might be confused because there are so many different price tags attached to the house. Some are substantially higher while others are a little bit lower. Is your mind playing tricks on you? After all, you reckon that it is the same house so the prices should very well stay the same. However, it doesn’t always work that way because there are many different assessors for the house. From real estate agents to building guilds, they often have different ways of looking at the cost and estimated price for the house. This guide will help you understand each price a little better.


Market Price

This is often the easiest price that people can identify with. Based on market forces, the price of the house will be determined by the number of buyers that are interested in the same property and how much they are willing to pay for that same property. The overall cost will then be averaged and that amount will be the market price as you see it. You will notice that market price is the price which is often quoted to buyers because it deals directly with how much buyers are willing to pay for the house. Whenever there are notices of property on sale with a price tag attached to it, it is often the market price you are looking at.


Assessed Price

You do know that we need to pay tax on the property that we possess, right? That is what property tax assessors’ deal with. They assess a house and establish a price for that house. Based on their assessment, they will then compute a reasonable assessed price for the house as well as the overall property tax. Most of the time, these property tax assessors will not even have a look at the house. Rather, their computations will be made via formulas and information that they receive.


Appraised Price

Unless you are a millionaire and can afford to pay the total amount upfront for your house, chances are you would need to go to a bank or financial institution to take out a loan on the house. Banks and financial institutions hire the services of an appraiser to look at the value of the house. This is to ensure that home owners do not indiscriminately apply for a loan or borrow more money than they need to purchase the house.


Sales Price

As a house buyer, this is very important to you because this is the price that the house ultimately goes for. Of course, if there is strong demand for the house i.e. more buyers willing to pay more, you might find that the sales price of the house has dramatically gone up.


Thus, you have all different house price sales defined and explained for your benefit. This information is important for you as a house buyer because they will determine the actual overall cost of the house that you are prepared to buy.