How can you Change your Blunt Kitchen Knife into Best Sharpie?

A good kitchen is only complete if you have all the essential cutleries and accessories for cooking in them. The most important and useful tool in your whole kitchen is knives. If you have a good razor sharp knife, this will automatically increase your energy and quality of food you are making. Cutting your favorite vegetable, herbs, or chopping meat is extremely important part of daily cooking. With a blunt knife you cannot expect your desired shape and this not only decrease you efficiency in cooking but also diminish the quality of food. A good knife is great secret of beautiful recipe as well as garnishing. A bad dull blunt knife cannot cut fine pieces of tomato or onion or radish or potato. So it is time to sharpen your knives. You can adapt several methods discussed below or you can ask for professional help. Trying this way can lengthen the life of your favorite knife as long they are not broken. Thing you mainly need are sharpening steel, stone or some commercial tools for sharpening.

  • Try using steel to sharpening your knife. First be comfortable in holding the steel in one hand in proper grip. On the other hand try to hold the knife’s handle. Now try to put in near the bottom part of steel and hold it in at least 25 degree angle. Now allow force to rub against the steel and do it several times on both sides, until desired sharpness is reached.
  • You can use sharpening your knife by stone. Before using the stone try to soak in water for few minutes that will prevent you from stone dust that will produce as result of friction that can get into your eyes or mouth. Now put the stone in hard a stable plain surface. Now try the same method like steel by holding it as much as 25 degree angle and rub it several times against the stone.
  • If you are using commercial knife sharpening tools, read the booklet from top to bottom. The manuals will describe how you can hold the knife as well tool to sharpening your knives. Look for the information regarding the type of knife you can use for this procedure.