How to Add a Room by Subtracting your Garage Space

If you are living in a big city, space crunch is always a problem to accommodate everything of your favorites. For every house, garage is important unavoidable construction you have to reserve a space for it. Almost every family in this era are trying to include a double or split design among the floor especially in garage to save the precious space for some other purpose. There are lots of eco friendly designs available to renovate your garage in different split design. You can do the renovation of the split design level for garage situated beside your house, or in the underground or a bi-level garage for two cars. By little remodeling you can easily cut out a room for your kids’ or a office or a small entrainment room for family. You can use some common utilities like screw gun,  graph paper, 2/4 inch framing lumber, framing nail gun, pry bar, a circular saw, 16 d framing nails, tape for measurement, hammer, level, nails, custom door and windows,  fiber glass batts for insulation, stapler, drywall tape, screw for dry wall, joint compounds, different nail set metal wall studs. Use these handy man tools and make your own double level garage or split garage for some other useful purpose.

  • Before doing anything, just think a little bit, what actually you want to add in your house. If you want to construct a bedroom, kid’s room or small office space or entertainment room, then make a plan and draw it in the graph paper. Now design the wall on this room, with perfectly positioning the door and windows. You have to design this room very strategically to mask the feel of garage in downstairs or if it is located just beside your garage.
  • First you need to clean the garage to remove those grease, oil or paints from the floor. Try to pull off the door from main entrance of garage from the frame to remodel your room. If the door is real heavy take help from friends or hire a professional factotum. Try using your pry bar or gun screw to remove the old heavy metal door.
  • Now construct a new wall on the garage floor by the help of tools and woods. Try to chop out 2/4 inch with the help of circular shape saw for fitting the floor and ceiling of garage. Now put a rectangular piece by the 2/4 stud end, with the help of 16d nails for framing. Now cut out another square portion by measuring it accurately with tape and by calculating the frame dimension so that diagonals matches with the frame. Place this in the metal wall studs and keep at least 16-18 inches space apart.
  • Now place the custom door windows by the instruction in the newly placed wall. First put the window sill and frame for the door with proper measurement. You can use framing nail gun to ease this work.
  • Now put the insulator between the metal wall studs and fix it with stapler. Also put a drywall on the top, if you want to remodel your ceiling for this room. Fix the joint compound in the dry wall with screw and drywall tape. Cover the old garage floor with your favorite, vinyl or tiles or carpets to redesign this new floor for this room. Now your new room is all ready to go.