How to Avoid cash machine scams

The crimes of cash machine scams become more furious now-a-days.  The cash machine scammers will resorts to all means in order to achieve their mission and get your Automated Teller Machine (ATM) card even you may not realize it when it happened.  This article mainly discusses several ways to avoid these cash machine scams from the thieves mentioned above.


1.       Never ever let the strangers to get back your card which expropriated in the cash machine.  These thieves commonly will pretend as a kind person and trapped you to exchange yours with their fake cards.

2.       If your card is being expropriated by the cash machine, try to seek help from the bank staff by calling instead of leaving the cash machine.  This will be the best way for these thieves to get your card if there is some card trapping devices installed in this particular machine.

3.       Always be alert and aware with the environment to avoid some accidents that will distract your attention and get trapped by the thieves.

4.       Try to avoid yourself by using the different cash machine for your every transaction.  You shall be familiar with the machine you used usually as to prevent some unknown changes by the thieves who wish to trap your ATM card.

5.       You are advised to use the cash machine inside the bank as the security guards can be one of the protections of your card by being snatched by the thieves and reduce the criminal rate.

6.       Be more aware with the unfamiliar cash machines as some card reader or card trapping devices maybe installed earlier by the scammers and get the opportunity to read your card details.

7.       Never ever use the supposed cash machine with those unknown warning posts.  There may be one of the ways of the thieves use to block the sight of public after they transformed this cash machine.

8.       The most common way to scam the card holder is by phone calling and emailing.  Avoid yourself to provide some personal and secured details to anyone.  Some thieves may call to you and ask for confirmation of details.  It mostly will happen after your card get loss or they got your card number.

9.       On the other hand, you shall ignore those phishing emails which titled as your banker and ask for confirmation or collection of the personal and secured information.  Contact your banker directly if you found something wrong regardless your bank account.  Keep yourself update about the notices from the banks or bank’s website as to avoid some scammers have chance to trap your card.

To avoid the common thieves of cash machine, we may need to get know how they works to trap and scam your card.  Card skimming is used to capture the information of your card by installing some devices and wireless video camera along the machine.  In term of cash trapping, you mayn’t receive the withdrawal although the transactions succeed.  The most important advice is don’t leave the cash machine and be aware with the unfamiliar environment while using the cash machine.