How to Avoid Joint Pain

The word arthralgia has emerged from the combination of two Greek words arthro and algos wherein arthro means the joints in the body and algos means pain. Therefore, arthralgia means joint pain but a difference is there between the joint pain in arthralgia and the joint pain that develop due to arthritis. The main difference that helps to detect the joint pain as arthralgia or arthritis is the inflammation in the area of the pain as in arthralgia there will be no inflammation in the area of the  pain but in arthritis the pain in the joint always has inflammation in the area of the pain. However, any kind of joint pain whether it is due to arthritis or arthralgia causes discomfort and obstructs free movement of the joint where the pain develops.


Several causes lead to joint pains but amongst them the most common causes of joint pain are injuries, infections or diseases that affect the ligaments, tendons, cartilage, bursae or the bones in the joint where the joint pain develops. In the aged people, the most common type of joint pain is rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis, which develops due to the degeneration in the cartilage or due to the development of the bone spurs. However, if joint pain develops in children or young people then they should immediately consult an orthopedic as the cause of the  pain in joints at this stage is mostly due to injuries or due to some kind of disease, which has affected the joint. It is essential to know that when a person with pain in joints should consult the doctor as negligence of the may lead to other kinds of serious problems in the joints and obstruct free movement of the body.


Therefore, it is vital to mention the situations in which you have to seek medical advice if you are suffering from joint pain. If you have pain in the joint that is not due to influenza or other type of fever then you should immediately consult a doctor. You have pain in the joint accompanied by loss of weight without putting in any effort then it is a matter of concern and you should immediately take medical help. You must be extra careful if you suffer from joint pains in any of the joints in your body for more than three days as this somewhat continuous, pain can be the indication of some kind of problem in the joint that has developed due to injury or disease in the joint.