How to Bring Luck with FengShui Front Door Law

Bring Luck with FengShui Front Door Law – Feng Shui is the age old Chinese tradition of culturing geomancy. Here in this tradition we can use good universal force for well being of ourselves by strategically constructing building or furnishing them in right way. Following the rule of Feng Shui can bring luck and happiness and health and prosperity to our life. Feng Shui has great influence on every aspects of home design, but is plays a special role in front door criteria. Basically in Chinese tradition the front door color should be red in color and must face the southern direction to bring you luck from Feng Shui astronomy. There are different aspects one can follow to bring prosperity. By taking care of few basic things related to front door placement, can help us to fight with bad luck.

Front door is the mouth of Ch’i

Front door in Feng Shui is often regarded as mouth of Ch’i. This is the place where positive energy enters into your house therefore the color, placement etc is very important in bringing in good positive energy through your door. From this door the energy come inside ,if you don’t place it in right way , no positive energy can able to get inside and you will be covered with all bad things, if are not taking any other strategy to overcome them.

Try using front door most of the time

Using fengshui front door on regular basis will enhance the flow Ch’i in your house. If you have two doors and you want to use the southern door more often for yourself or your guest, try to block the other door with something, so that you can use the front door frequently. Try to enhance this mouth of Ch’i by enhancing the glow and color of the door. Never allow this door to get discolored or fade, this will decrease the positive energy and will affect the luck of whole house.

Front door color

You should always try to built your fengshui front door in southern direction and paint it red, purple or deep pink. But if you don’t have southern face door, you can use different front door color to enhance your positive energy by choosing right color for right direction door. If you have door in northern side paint it with dark shade like blue, black or try white. If it is northeast try painting orange, yellow or gold. Try to paint eastern face door with blue or green. Western facing door should be light pink or peach.

Material you should use for fengshui front door

Other than color or direction, the material which you are using to making the door is also an important consideration in Fengshui front door. The door which is on the north, south or south east should be preferably made up from woods and for other directions metal or plastic or any other material is not a bad idea. Click here to read more about Feng Shui tips for Interior Decoration