How to carry out the different methods of BSE (Breast Self Examination)

How to carry out the different methods of BSE (Breast Self Examination). BSE, Breast Self Examination cannot be played down as far as early detection of breast cancer is concerned. From the visual to the physical inspection and other various methods, a lady above the age of 20 needs to have a full mastery of so as to know when to alert the doctor. That way, the fight against breast cancer can be successful and the number of women lost yearly to breast cancer late detection, can be reduced. This article is meant to explain to the present day woman the different methods available for detecting breast cancer. So, that she will be armed with the required information.

Instructions to perform different methods of BSE (Breast Self Examination)

Difficulty: Moderately easy

Things You’ll Need to do  BSE (Breast Self Examination) :

  • Your Bare Chest
  • Mirror

Steps to perform different methods of BSE (Breast Self Examination):

Step One

For visual examination, stand behind the mirror with your arms hanging down and watch out for dimpling changes in breast size, texture and an inversion of the nipple.

Step Two

You will need to check two other positions for similar changes. This is done with  your hand on your hips and your hand raised up while you press your palms together.

Step Three

For the physical examination, the basis is for you to check for any lumps  or changes associated with your breast tissue. You can carry out the test in the bathroom or when you lie down on a bed. The two methods involved ~ clock and wedge patterns~ are described below.

Step Four

For the Clock method: assume the face of a clock on each of your breasts. Lie down with your left hand behind your head, and use the right hand to check your left breast. Your right hand should be atop the left breast, while you place your three middle fingers at the 12 o’clock position. You can then massage with your fingers in a clockwise fashion, “hour by hour”, as you check for lumps and feel for any changes in skin texture. After a complete cycle is completed, you can move your fingers to the nipple and repeat the process. Pinch your nipple and notice any discharge. Then start all over with the other breast again.

Step Five

Perform the wedge method by assuming your breast is a pie divided into equal wedges. Lie down on a bed and place your left hand behind your head. With your right hand, work your way down from the top of the breast to the nipple. Your 3 middle fingers are used to massage all the way down to the nipple in a firm but gently fashion. After you complete that wedge, move on to the next wedge in a clockwise manner.

For the opposite side, put your right hand behind your head and use your left hand to massage your right breast. Check the lymph nodes in your armpit and do not forget to look closely for any discharge oozing out from your nipple.

Tips & Warnings while performing different methods of BSE (Breast Self Examination)

  • BSE in combination with mamography can reduce the risk of terminal breast cancer.
  • BSE may however miss out tumors so, it is important to have more than one method to confirm the likelihood of breast cancer.
  • You may discover a tumor and have an unnecessary biopsy only to find out the tumor was benign.
  • Only an investigation and confirmation by a doctor can prove your claims of breast cancer.