How to Change the Room Dimension with Rug

Decorating a small apartment or decorating small bedroom is always challenging job, especially if you want to give it an unbeatable look. There are several factor can impact the show of the room other than just square area of the rom. Choosing a right paint colors, properly designed furniture and light fixture can affect the dimension of the room. One of the important factors that can change the spatial look of the room is rug. Choosing different color can totally change the atmosphere of the room from cozy warm to wide open look. Choosing the right color in sync with your own choice is important factor in decorating small bedroom or small apartment.  But other than giving preference to your choice try to develop a concept of dimension, so that your rug should not make your room junkie rather than making it aesthetically beautiful. Here are few ides you can use to choose proper rug for your small cozy house.

Using the principle of visual expansion

By this principle applying same color everywhere in the apartment can change the impression of dimension of room. For decorating small bedroom or apartment it is always good to choose rug which is neutral or pale or monochromatic color. Using this color matching with your wall color can make your room look much bigger. According to different interior decoration or arts school principle, using lighter and white color can completely affect the feel of the room. The main advantage of using rug is that you can change the look of the room anytime, just by replacing the rug into different color. If you are totally against the light color try using achromatic color like black, this also make your apartment look bigger than usual self.

Try a cool combination color

Cool colors are those which give you a feeling of cold like sea, wind, air snow etc. Using cool color combination with little touch of dark shade can give your room look much bigger and airy and vast. Color like white, mauve and sky blue can give a touch of serenity and give soothing feeling in your eye. But according to some university like Kentucky or Mass Art, these color can be depressing sometime especially in cold weather, where it look kind of barren, sterile or cold. It is always good idea to use all those color in wooden floor and also you can highlight this decoration of cool color with some bright paint colors and floral decorations.

Avoid warm color

Warm colors are those which are dark in shade and make you feel bright. For a smaller apartment it is good idea to avoid the color like orange, yellow, green or red. Often these colors in small room make it looks much hefty and small. Only place you can still use this rug in small apartment is in your bedroom to make it look warm and cozy but not in living room.