How to Cut With a Chef’s Knife

Kitchen knives mainly divided into three categories which are knives that used for slicing, striking or chopping. The chopping knife is the chef’s knife.  The chef’s knife is also known as French knife which is used in preparing food. This knife is mostly used in Western cooks. This knife has blade of 20cm length and 4cm width. Wide blade makes it easy to control, easy to chop hard foods into small cubes. Thus it enables to mince soft items such as onions and herbs. There are two types of blade namely German and French. German styled chef’s knives are deeper and continue curved along the edge of cutting. However, French styled knives have more straight edge until the end and then it curves up to the tip. Anyhow personal preference is important to make a choice between the two knives. Purchase a chef’s knife which you feel comfortable when you hold it and the blade must be static and not flexible. However there are important steps that you must followed when you use a chef’s knives. The steps are discussed in detail at below.


1          Hold the handle comfortably with your hand. Locate your forefinger and thumbs at the top         of knife’s handle which is can be found at the back of the blade. You must feel the knife   like your hand’s extension.

2          Then use your another hand to hold the item that need to chopped. Please be reminded that, when you start to cut the items make sure you curl your fingers to keep them away     from the blade. You must maintain the awareness of your thumbs and finger’s placement   when you begin to chop. This is very important to prevent from any injuries.

3          When you start cutting the items, locate the knife’s tip on the cutting board. Leave the tip          there and blade up and down on the food. Then rotate the chef’s knife into a semi circle      to get all the foods which is need to be chopped. You must make sure that the tip is         static.

Tips & Warnings

  • Make sure u put a paper towel or wet cloth under the cutting board to avoid it from being sliding on the surfaces when you cut the foods.
  • When u cut a meat or hard foods, cut it large or cut it in half and put them on cut side down on the cutting board before you cut them into small pieces. To make a stable surface, you must create a flat surface for the foods to enable them lie stable.
  • Don’t wash your knife in dishwasher because it may cause the blade to be damaged. Dry the knife before you store it.
  • To sharpen your knife, please follow the direction that set by manufacturer. A sharp knife also safer than a blunt knife because you may use a lot force with a blunt knife and this may lead to lose control and cut yourself.
  • Avoid cutting on glass cutting boards which causes your edge of knife to be dull. You can use polyethylene plastic cutting board to prevent dull knives.
  • Place your knives in knife block or other storage. Don’t put all the knives together in a drawer because they will bump against each other and this can cause the blades to be dull or damage.