How to Detect DNS Changer Malware in Your Computer?

DNS changer is a malware that changes your internet service provider DNS entries in your computer and use your computer for malicious activity.  It has been identified by the various experts millions of people who has been using internet on their computers will be loosing internet by the end of July.

As millions of computer users does not know that their computers are infected with DNSchanger even if they are. All these infection cause their internet will stop by the month of July.  If you are facing slow internet problem or frequent disconnection then there is more possibility that your computer is infected with the DNSchanger Malware.

How to Detect if your computer is infected with DNSchanger Trojan?

Basically there are two different way to check if your computer is infected or not?

1. Automatic Detection

2. Manual Detection


1. Automatic Detection of DNS Changer malware

There are few sites  which are developed by various agencies to detect if your computer is infected with DNS changer. One just need to visit these sites to verify that their computer is not infected.

One can do this automatic DNS changer detection test by visiting

The site will tell you whether your system is infected or not.


2. Manual Detection of DNSChanger Trojan/Malware

For doing manual testing to verify your computer is infected with DNS changer malware follow the following procedure. (For Windows Users Only)

1. Click on start button

2. for windows XP go in to run option and for windows 7 user go in to search option

3. type  cmd  ;  It will open a command prompt

4. In command prompt enter following command and hit enter

ipconfig /all

5. It will populate various records in the window there you will have to find for DNS entries.

6. Compare your DNS entries with following list of infected entries list.       –           –       –           –      –        –


If your DNS entries falls in above range then there are more chances that your computer is infected with the deadly malware.


How to Fix your computer if it is infected with DNSchanger Trojan/malware.


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