How to Do Electrical Estimates for Construction

Is it possible to think of constructing any type of building whether it is commercial or residential without taking into consideration the cost of electrical construction? However, most of the time you will observe that we have the idea about the estimated cost of building construction but rely totally on experts for estimation of electrical construction. Nevertheless, it is necessary that you should have an idea about how to estimate the cost of electrical fittings required in the whole building. Following the guidance steps, you can easily develop a cliché in this area.

Instructions-Difficulty: Moderate


Things You Will Need:



Comparative rates

Project description

Material cost



Step One




Take the blue print that has the layout of the entire building but does not contain the electrical layout, as the technical jargons used by electrical experts for marking the project will create confusion in your mind. According to the layout of the building, you can easily mark the number of electrical points you will require in each area in your house or office.

Step Two


Comparative rates


After getting an idea about the total of electrical fitting required in the building, you have to hire the services of an electrician to whom you will give the contract for the entire electrical construction in the building. For hiring the expert, you can find out about the reputed companies or professionals from the people around you who have used the services or you can get all the information on the internet. Along with this, you should also find out about the service rates and choose the one who provides the best service within affordable prices.






Step Three

Material cost

To formulate the entire electrical estimation you will require all the materials like wires, switchboards, switches and other accessories. The best way to collect information about all types of electrical materials is to shop around both in the local market and on the internet. This way you will get the best opportunity to choose high quality electrical goods and accessories that will not burn a hole in your pocket.

Step Four


Project description


However, you should always take the opinion of the expert whom you have hired before taking the final decision of calculating the cost of the electrical fitting required in your construction. Therefore, you will require the entire project description as the electrical construction will cover the entire building.

Step Five


Manual or software


You can do your estimation manually or in this advanced modern world, you can easily download the estimating software that not only has the guidelines for estimating the total expenditure required for electrical fittings but also has versions like commercial, prototype, and residential. You can choose the software version according to your requirement.

Step Six


Final calculation


While formulating the total expenditure for electrical construction, you should include some important points like additional expenses, terms and conditions of the professional, electrical permit cost, and include any other overhead expenditure that you may require while the electrical construction is going on in your building.


  • Do not forget to consider the labour cost and other charges that you will require during the electrical construction work.
  • Always add some extra amount to the total calculated estimate as this will help you to cope up with emergency expenses.



  • Always buy branded electrical goods even if you have to pay extra for the fittings and the accessories.
  • You should always finalise the total estimation after consulting with the expert whom you hire for the electric construction in your building.