How to do home Inspection Before you Buy it?

Before anyone buys a home, buyers should thoroughly inspect the home inside as well as outside. Real estate agents or real estate companies are not always completely truthful with homebuyers. The fact is sad but true where large sums of money are involved agents and companies only see the $ signs.


Family savings usually go into the purchase of a home then the family once all settled in begin to find things wrong with the homes they had no knowledge. When this happens the family will call the agent or company and the company, tells the buyers   you bought it, it is your problem now. For instance, a family moves into a home only to discover the electricity only works properly in one room of the home. The buyers have put their saving into the home and there is no way out. Therefore, the buyers must make the repairs needed.


An inspection is needed before you buy any thing an especially a large investment like a home. Buyers should begin inspecting the home the first time a realtor agent, or company representative takes the buyers to the home. Buyers should look at the condition of the outside of the home structure, the materials the home is made of if wood is used on the outside, feel or tap the wood to see if it crumbles the home could have termites or wood ants eating the wood. This is a red flag and buyers should bring it to the agent’s attention. Are their cracks in the concrete or bricks of the home this is also a flag the foundation of the home could be shifting or sinking and caused a break in the home structure. Buyers need to check wiring, breaker boxes, appliance plugs, and even make sure the appliances work properly. Buyers should inspect under kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities, looks at the pipes are they new or old and rusted this is a big concern. This could mean the buyer would have to make repairs on the plumbing system of the home this is costly for a new homebuyer.


Are storage buildings in good condition or new this is a good sign. Are the grounds well kept and free of pests. Outside water, faucets are their any or none is the yard equipped with a sprinkler system and does it work properly. Lighting and windows all need to be in proper working condition or the buyer may have problems getting home insurance. Look at the ceiling do you see water spots or maybe new patch that cover old leaks. Sometimes the patches will be just for the buyers so they will not know the roof leaks on the home. You do not want to move in and sleep in the rain of your new home.  Buyers need to act as if they are purchasing a new home and expect everything to work like new. Although you want to trust the seller much of the time you cannot and should make a list of things that you see or find wrong. If too many things on your list are present, you should keep looking.