How to get taxes back in UK

Paying taxes can be a very tasking and complicating matter to deal with as a portion of your salary will be given to the government. However, there are possibilities for employees in the UK to take back some of the taxes you had paid. Such situation can happen if you are working in UK for less than half of the year and with this, you can take back your income taxes you paid during that tax year. Another possible way of taking back your taxes is when you contributed too much of taxes in any tax year and to do that, you have to contact the people from HM Revenue and Customs for tax rebate. You can also do that if you are a student and that the taxes you paid are more than the salary you earned. How much you have to pay your income tax is determined by the people of HM Revenue and Customs.

  1. In order for you to take back your taxes you paid in UK from past years, you have to have your P45 form where you received it at the end of your employment, or your P60 form which you get it from the HM Revenue and Customs department every end of the tax year. In both of the forms, your employment history, your salary and tax contributions during a year will be shown and with these details, if you really think you had paid too much income tax on the current year, all you have to do is go to the nearest tax office to claim back your money.
  2. If you have any doubts on how to proceed with the matter, all you have to do is just go to the HM Revenue and Customs Enquiry Center. The purpose of this center is to help you with all the problems regarding taxes. You will receive a personal assistance on the matter and you can ask anything about your tax problem. When all things are settled, you will need to fill in the required tax refund form which usually will be sent to your tax office if you want to ask for refund. In order to do that, remember to have your P45 or P60 form.
  3. In order to avoid any unnecessary mistakes in doing all these refund works, it is advisable to consult and hire a tax agent that understands and handles a lot of cases involving UK tax refunds. It is always useful to just go to the direct link and not through the middleman to avoid confusion. You can also do your researches about the correct tax forms or about the tax agents through the Internet.
  4. Once everything is almost settled, you have to decide how you want your refund to be paid to you. It can be in check from the HM Revenue and Customs or it can also be paid directly to your bank account. You can also nominate a family member or your friend to receive the refund on your behalf and how it is to be paid to the nominee.