How to Harvest in Pouring Rain

How to Harvest in Pouring Rain-Harvesting your crop or garden plants with appropriate amount of rain water is an important way to save as well conserve and utilize natural resource.  Rain harvest is an excellent idea to replace normal regular water consumption for growing your favorite plants. Rain is one of the natural resource like wind, solar energy having immense potential for deriving energy for a substitution of normal tap water from regular reserved water. Rain harvest has a great potential, first and foremost thing is it’s free and also natural and as well as naturally distilled. In rainy season we usually loose gallons of water and let them flow freely and cause mud and finally absorb in the soil. By putting together few simple tools and planning ahead we can easily collect those rain water which flow unboundedly from roof top to your patio or ground. Now with all those revolution to save natural resource people are collecting the rain water and using it for different useful purpose.

As we are convinced that we can use the method of rain harvest for our crop, we have to do some simple calculation. This calculation will help us to gather right type of container to collect the rain water. It is important to understand and approximate the right vessel capacity and catchment assembly.  By collecting simple tools like rain gauge, pencil paper, calculator and measuring tape we can easily make estimation of water for rain harvest.

First thing to conserve natural resource you have to extremely methodical and calculative. So first thing you need to do for this is to calculate square feet of roof top by using measuring tape. You can just do this by measuring the area of the ground or the base where your house is standing. It does not matter with the dimension of roof whether it is flat or slanted. Just multiply the length and breadth of the shaded area of your house by measuring one end to other. Now it’s time to note it down the square feet, which will actually give you the capacity of catchment assembly you need for rain harvesting. Now it is time to make the exact calculation by using rain gauge.  The simplest way to calculate is consider that, we find certain amount of rain which is X inch as per our rain gauge. Note down the X inch in a paper. The rule thumb is one inch of rainfall on a normal square feet area almost supply 0.623 gallons of rain water. Now suppose you get Y square feet of the area of your roof by calculating with measuring tape.  So approximately now you can calculate the amount water you can expect depending on the rainfall by rain gauge is multiplication of square feet of roof top (Y) x  inch of rain water deposited of 1 square feet area (X) x 0.623 = YX.623 gallon of rain water in certain inches of rainfall, we can expect  in your collecting vessel.