How to improve retail business in Interior places?

Retail products is having severalvarieties but how good it is to relate with current competitive market. As we define if product is more lucrative and more useful. The market price will be automatically comes but in retail business, it is daily routine process where user have to work on daily budget. If the company goes for advertisement. he may pay more to advertisement company. so what is the best way to sell the product. rather go for door to door marketing or go for chain franchising business but what if product is new then how will we define the value and cost efficiency? so in that case we have to study the product. The best way to improve the retail sales is to join hands with those customer who are more interested with the product. Like soap business. there are some certain places like street shops. mid-tier shopping mall. so for that they can make contact for the product.we can sell our product bases on the product value.


For that process we are not making any advertisement. Here we are just making contact with them who likes soap business and distribute this products in to interior places. In villages there are less┬ácompetitions. products are not in more varieties, so in that case we set our parameter so┬ádefiantly the sell of product will increase so in that case if company wants to improve the product’s productivity, they can directly contact with the near distributor and sell it the product in less margin like cosmetic items, consumers daily use items. but what about the brand name. some companies are having the brand name. Public is having the good opinion about the product. they use to call it by the product name itself. in that case we can give some schemes , some promotions, some additional discount to public. so they may get more aware about the products but in that case supplies have to be aware more because product is new in that place and the value of product should be somewhat flexible. they should make contact two-tier communication with company and distributor.


Sometime distributer doesn’t want to sell the product sharply so company should give more resources to distributor too. At last the profit comes to company’s pocket but some short of assignment they need to do it with both customer and distributor. rather it is for sales division or it is manufacturing unit. but sometime sales gets in the lose when company cant make a service at a time. retails business is something like long term running process. it is not going to stop in short of time. In each fiscal of sales company should make a plan for total production. Due to shortages of product many customer search for other company’s product. Product supply may be on the priority in interior places. They should may have more pragmatic approaches about the product.this kind of process will evaluate the product value and customer will contribute the distributor.