How to Lose Weight without Losing Money


Nowadays, people have become health-conscious, and want to maintain a fit and healthy body. They are ready to adopt any kind of means and methods, which can help them to lose weight, and for this, they are ready to pay any amount to get the best result. However, you can easily lose weight without losing any money from your bankroll. Therefore, let us take into consideration the methods that can help us to lose weight without losing money.

Instructions – Difficulty: Moderate


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Step One


Determination and dedication

Maintaining a slim and trim body and leading a fit and healthy life requires firm determination and dedication towards main objective that is of losing weight. Therefore, before you begin your endeavour for losing weight, you should take a resolution that whatever may happen, you will not deter from the path of following all the required methods, which will help you to lose weight and maintain it throughout life. This dedication will help you to overcome all odds while you adopt the various changes in your lifestyle that will help you to lose weight.

Step Two


Adopting the methods of losing weight

This is the most important step, as you will have to adopt those methods of losing weight, which will not affect your body and pocket adversely, yet help you to easily adopt it as your regular schedule and maintain it throughout life. For this, the best way is to change your eating habits and inculcate exercises like walking, climbing the stairs instead of using the lift, giving up the habit of using vehicles for short distances, and doing the household chores without the help of the automatic gadgets. Moreover, you should give up the bad habits of smoking, eating fast food, reducing the use of beverages, and giving up the use of canned and preserved foods. In place of all this, you should include more vegetables and fruits in your regular meals and drink lots of water throughout the day, which will help in flushing out all the toxins from the body.

Step Three


Need of time and effort

In spite of all the efforts you will often find that you are not able to obtain the desired result, this is because you do not follow your schedule regularly, which makes the body store the calories in form of fat and foils all your effort of losing weight. If you want to avoid this situation, you should not forego the exercises that you have adopted as part of your regular schedule and you should also inculcate the habit of eating small portions of meal at regular intervals so that you are able to burn the calorie that you intake. This way you can easily maintain a fit and healthy body without spending exorbitant amount on exercise machines or for availing gym facilities.

Step Four

Gathering relevant information

You should always find out all the minute details about every type of methods and means that you want to adopt for achieving your target of losing weight. You should use your discretion and not follow blindly the advertisements and jingles that most of the manufacturers of exercise machines and gym owners put up through different mediums of communication, which will only lead to unnecessary waste of money and not give any desired result. The best way to gather all the relevant information is to search on the net and follow those methods, which you can make a part of your daily life throughout your life span.

Step Five


The final decision

This step depends totally on you, as you have to adopt those methods, which suits your body and health condition. The best way to do this is to consult your doctor, who can give you the best advice, as he has all the information about your body constituency and your health condition.



  • Always adopt those methods of exercises, which you can easily perform in your free time and maintain it even in your ageing years.



  • Do not try to adopt any method or means which might have helped some other person as every person’s body and requirement is different so a method that maybe fruitful for someone may have adverse effect on your body.